Elsevier Physics Awards

coverIUVISTA Elsevier student awards

Supporting Journal: Vacuum

coverFrans-Habraken award

Supporting Journal: Applied Surface Science

coverGerhard Ertl Young Investigator award

Supporting Journal: Surface Science

coverSOSI best paper awards

Supporting Journal: Solid State Ionics

coverELSPEC Student awards

Supporting Journal: Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena

coverFrank Isakson Prize

Supporting Journal: Solid State Communications

coverRWB Stephens Prize

Supporting Journal: Ultrasonics

View Articles published in Journal of Non-Crystalline SolidsW.H. Zachariasen Award

Supporting Journal: Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

JQSRT Life Time Achievement Awards:

  • Van de Hulst Light-Scattering Award
  • Benedict Spectroscopy Award
  • Poynting Award on Radiative Transfer

JQSRT Young Scientist Awards:

  • Goody Award (Atmospheric Radiation & Remote Sensing)
  • Brault Award (Molecular Spectroscopy)
  • Waterman Award (Electromagnetic Scattering &  Characterization)
  • Viskanta Award (Radiative Transfer)

View Articles published in Applied Radiation and IsotopesJARI Medal
JARI Enterprise Award

Supporting Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
[Note: The JARI Enterprise Award will be renamed to Hubbel Award in 2017]

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coverJGP Young Scientist Award

Supporting Journal: Journal of Geometry and Physics

cover ICL Prize [Sponsored by Elsevier]

Supporting Journal: Journal of Luminescence