Scientific Council for Mathematics

To ensure that we are working in tandem with the mathematics community to address feedback and to give greater control and transparency to the community, we have introduced a Scientific Council for Mathematics. This council – consisting of senior members of the community, representing both the geographical and disciplinary diversity of mathematicians - will play an instrumental role in advising us on our mathematics journal program and on how we can best support the mathematics community going forward.

The responsibilities of the Council will include, but are not limited to:

  • Advise on product developments;
  • recommend and evaluate mathematics-specific tools and services for the community;
  • oversee the development of cooperative programmes between the mathematics community and Elsevier;
  • the advise on the allocation of funds for awards and prizes for the community, whether for specific subfields or broader communities;
  • to provide feedback on the quality and standard of our publication;
  • monitor and review the impact of initiatives;
  • and feedback on all other elements of our publishing activities.

Scientific Council members include:

Cedric Villani, Institut Henri Poincaré
Frank den Hollander, Leiden University
Roderick Wong, City University of Hong Kong
Tom Ward, University of Durham
Victor Perez Abreu, CIMAT (Centro de Investigación en Matemática)
Vijay Nair, University of Michigan
Wilfrid Kendall, University of Warwick
Yvon Maday, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

The 1st meeting of the Mathematics Scientific Council was held on December 1, 2012. Download the summary of the meeting messages.

The 2nd meeting of the Mathematics Scientific Council was held on June 1, 2013 in New York. Download the summary of the meeting messages.