Mathematics Journal Pricing

In February 2012, we indicated that we were striving to reach prices which are at or below US$11 per article published (equivalent to 50-60 cents per normal typeset page on average) placing us below most university presses, some societies and all other commercial publishers. For journals where these pricing levels were not in place, we'd mentioned that already in previous years we started to adjust these prices accordingly.

The 2013 prices have been set and this has resulted in further price-reductions for several journals, including Journal of Number Theory, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A & B and Journal of Functional Analysis.

Please note the below prices quoted are institutional list prices (the basic journal rates). In the age of online licensing, in which institutions of different sizes and roles (e.g. academic and government) subscribe to large numbers of journals, few customers actually pay these rates. The final rate paid by your library is based on the titles it selects and other considerations, like the formats chosen, consortia participation, volume discounts (i.e. reductions for buying more) etc. Fair pricing has as much to do with managing these criteria to match a customer's profile and requirements as adjusting list rates

2015 UPDATE:

We continue our pledge to increase Elsevier's value to the mathematical sciences community, and continue to work with our Editors to ensure that our journals publish the high-quality research that we know the community expects. This pursuit of quality continues to result in tighter controls on what we publish and we continue to work with all our Editors to build on this foundation.

Our pledge has been to aim for a list price of around US$11 per published article and we have adjusted prices based on this again this year with a some increases, some decreases and many prices frozen again. Overall the effect across all the titles in Mathematical Sciences, as listed below, for 2015 is a 2% increase and is based on articles published in 2014. We will provide a pricing update of articles published in 2015 in due time.2,002

Acta Mathematica Scientia              1,196 7.8%
Advances in Applied Mathematics1,2801,2541,2611,236          1,119 -9.5%
Advances in Mathematics3,8783,8783,8993,977          3,977 0.5%
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincare (C) Analyse Non Lineaire663663663663             666 0.5%
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic2,7122,1702,1822,182          2,084-4.5%
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis835543546557             5600.5%
Applied Mathematical Modelling2,1762,2852,4802,728          2,867 5.1%
Applied Mathematics and Computation6,9527,4638,0268,588         8,854 3.1%
Applied Mathematics Letters2,5662,7202,7352,790          2,8040.5%
Applied Numerical Mathematics2,5982,7542,9283,074          3,0740.0%
Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques826785789809             805 0.5%
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis3,0923,0923,1093,233          3,2490.5%
Computers & Mathematics with Applications5,9776,4076,4426,442          6,345-1.5%
Differential Geometry and its Applications805845909982          1,0325.1%
Discrete Applied Mathematics4,0493,6443,6643,811          3,8912.1%
Discrete Mathematics6,6373,9824,0044,004         3,944 -1.5%
Discrete Optimization675662666669             6720.5%
European Journal of Combinatorics1,4851,4111,4191,447          1,454 0.5%
Expositiones Mathematicae482472475DiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Finite Fields and Their Applications559531534545             5562.1%
Historia Mathematica428428430430             432 0.5%
Indagationes Mathematicae551551554565             565 0.0%
Journal de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees1,3201,2541,2611,261          1,2670.5%
Journal of Algebra5,6775,3935,4225,314          5,234-1.5%
Journal of Applied Logic580290292298             3135.1%
Journal of Approximation Theory2,9962,6962,7112,445          2,213-9.5%
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A2,2721,7041,7131,713          1,550-9.5%
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B1,648659663663             666 0.5%
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics5,7516,1006,5006,760          6,9022.1%
Journal of Differential Equations4,6144,6144,6394,732          4,661-1.5%
Journal of Functional Analysis4,0223,2183,2353,073          3,027-1.5%
Journal of Geometry and Physics2,0022,1172,1281,9191,737-9.5%
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications8,1198,6399,2489,433       9,8674.6%
Journal of Multivariate Analysis2,1301,9171,9271,937          1,9782.1%
Journal of Number Theory2,4291,7001,7091,743          1,7520.5%
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra3,2493,0873,1043,042          2,905-4.5%
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference4,5134,5134,5374,560          4,5830.5%
Journal of the Franklin Institute2,6332,7912,9673,175          3,3274.8%
Journal of the Korean Statistical Society364386410431             4433.0%
Linear Algebra and its Applications5,8205,8205,8515,968          5,9980.5%
Mathematical and Computer Modelling4,3562,831DiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation2,7972,9653,1523,310          3,3100.0%
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems9339961,0661,119          1,207 7.9%
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications1,2021,2811,3841,481          1,5575.1%
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory Methods & Applications6,2406,6756,7116,845          6,8790.5%
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory1,2741,3501,4351,550          1,6295.1%
Statistical Methodology468498536579             6095.1%
Statistics & Probability Letters2,9412,9412,9573,075          3,1402.1%
Stochastic Processes and Their Applications2,1891,7511,5761,576          1,6253.1%
Stochastic Processes and Their Applications Alternative Subscription1,5501,5501,576DiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Topology and its Applications3,0633,0633,0803,095          3,1100.5%