Mathematics Core Collection

We received feedback from librarians and members of the mathematics community that our Mathematics Subject Collection exceeds their needs or is beyond their means. In the current economic situation, the mathematics community has become particularly vulnerable, with relatively low funding and distinctive journal usage habits that are not always reflected by standard access options.

In order to offer libraries and mathematic departments greater flexibility in purchasing options we established a new collection of 16 highly used, highly regarded Elsevier journals. By providing access to this core collection, at an affordable rate, we aim to better reach and support the mathematics community at large.

The Mathematics Core Collection includes the following titles:

Title ISSN
Advances in Mathematics 0001-8708
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 1063-5203
Differential Geometry and its Applications 0926-2245
European Journal of Combinatorics 0195-6698
Finite Fields and Their Applications 1071-5797
Historia Mathematica 0315-0860
Journal of Algebra 0021-8693
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 0097-3165
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 0095-8956
Journal of Differential Equations 0022-0396
Journal of Functional Analysis 0022-1236
Journal of Number Theory 0022-314X
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 0022-247X
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 0022-4049
Linear Algebra and its Applications 0024-3795
Topology and its Applications 0166-8641

Should your institute or department be interested in more information or the buying options of this mathematics core collection, please visit the ScienceDirect Core Collection product page or the contact us page.