Congratulations to the recipients of the Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund 2017

Congratulations to the successful applicants of the Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund 2017! They have been awarded funds ranging from US$500 to US$5,000 for their respective projects. The Elsevier Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund was started in 2014 to support events, projects and activities that benefit individuals and groups within the mathematical sciences. We would like to thank all 588 applicants for taking the time to apply and we wish the following winners success in their projects.

Daniele Bartoli applied for funding to study connections between Coding Theory and non-linear geometric objects in Galois spaces, by using both theoretical and computational instruments.

Francky Fouedjio applied for funding to attend the Spatial Statistics 2017 conference, where he will have a great opportunity to present his paper on clustering of multivariate geostatistical data.

Gehan Abouelseoud applied for funding to prepare a series of educational kits that will be used in mathematical courses in Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering, Egypt.

Graham Wheeler applied to fund participation of the 2nd Symposium on Early Phase Trial Design Methodology , where he will be presenting his research on Bayesian adaptive designs for phase I dose-escalation studies.

Lubna Amro applied for funding for the participation of the European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) during 24-28 July 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.

Luca Rizzi applied for funding to travel to the sub­Riemannian geometry seminars in Paris, where he will collaborate with colleagues and discuss the latest results in the geometry and related fields.

Nantel Bergeron applied to fund two weeks summer school in Medellin, Colombia, consisting of four introductory mini-courses in combinatorics taught in Spanish.

Prasanna Kumar applied to fund the workshop for college teachers during 28-29 April, 2017 at Birla, Institute of Technology and Science Pilani KK Birla, India.

Read the report from this workshop

Víctor Rivero applied to fund participation of up to 6 young researchers in the various prestigious academic events to be held at CIMAT during the year 2017.