Elsevier receives over 40,000 annual submissions to our mathematical sciences journals. Of these, more than  10,000 articles are accepted for publication, resulting in an average acceptance rate of 25%.

We provide full text to frequently used mathematics services like MathSciNet®, ZentralBlatt, and NUMDAM. We link and produce metadata which is shared with the major abstracting and indexing services, and we improve search engine optimization, so that your research can be easily found.


We have provide daily feeds of all  newly published Elsevier mathematics articles to MathSciNet®, which means  bibliographic data is available in MathSciNet® within a week of publication.

Elsevier has integrated MathJax into ScienceDirect to enable a high-quality, crisp display of mathematical symbols and equations.
Elsevier's article submission process supports LaTeX, the document preparation system preferred by  many mathematicians. Additionally researchers can also upload articles directly from arXiv when submitting to an Elsevier  journal.

The STIX Font Creation project is a collaborative effort established in 1995 by Elsevier and five scientific society publishers to develop a set of computer-displayable fonts for mathematics and other special characters used in STM publishing.


The average price per article for Mathematics content published by Elsevier is: USD$ 13,68
The average price per article for Mathematics content across all publishers is:  USD$ 19,34

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