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Mathematics Journal Pricing

In February 2012, we indicated that we were striving to reach prices which are at or below US$11 per article published (equivalent to 50-60 cents per normal typeset page on average) placing us below most university presses, some societies and all other commercial publishers. For journals where these pricing levels were not in place, we'd mentioned that already in previous years we started to adjust these prices accordingly.

The 2013 prices have been set and this has resulted in further price-reductions for several journals, including Journal of Number Theory, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A & B and Journal of Functional Analysis.

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Elsevier Core Collection

We received feedback from librarians and members of the mathematics community that our Mathematics Subject Collection exceeds their needs or is beyond their means. In the current economic situation, the mathematics community has become particularly vulnerable, with relatively low funding and distinctive journal usage habits that are not always reflected by standard access options.

In order to offer libraries and mathematic departments greater flexibility in purchasing options we established a new collection of 16 highly used, highly regarded Elsevier journals. By providing access to this core collection, at an affordable rate, we aim to better reach and support the mathematics community at large.

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Free Access to Archived Articles

We recognize the unique circumstances of the mathematics community. Mathematicians use and read relatively few articles, but do so very intensively. The community itself is relatively small and generally less well funded than those based around other disciplines. Therefore researchers at certain (especially smaller) institutes don't always have access to key mathematics articles. The actions Elsevier is taking are aimed to support the advancement of the important work in this community.

In May 2012, we made the archives of the primary mathematics journals open and freely available, from four years after publication back to 1995, the year in which we started publishing digitally.

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Sponsored Access Pricing

We want to ensure that every author can publish in the journal of their choice. Therefore in the light of an increase in institutional, governmental, and funding body requirements for open access publishing we are pleased to announce that all our journals will now publish both subscription articles and open access articles, giving authors a choice of publication models. Articles published open access in these journals will also have a range of additional user rights and will be made freely available immediately after publication.

To avoid conflicts of interest, authors will not arrange for payment of the open access article fee until after acceptance. It is important to note that Elsevier does not charge regular subscribers for content that is published open access and has a strict no double dipping policy which ensures we only take into account content published under the subscription model when setting journal prices.

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Journal of Number Theory

JNTA long-serving journal for number theory, published since 1969.

  • Fast peer-review times! Average time to final decision is 4 months;
  • Free access, via open archive, to all papers older than four years;
  • Showcase your research through the video abstracts;
  • International editorial board of leading mathematicians;
  • Wide international readership. ScienceDirect is one of the world's largest databases for peer-reviewed full-text scientific content. Journal of Number Theory receives 200,000 full text downloads, per year.

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