2016 Symposium honoured Manjul Bhargava

Winner of the N.G. de Bruijn-prize

The Fields Medal Symposium takes place annually at Fields Institute in Toronto, Canada, and honours the work of one of the most recent Fields Medallists. The 2016 Symposium honours Manjul Bhargava. You can freely access a selection of his research in Elsevier journals.

Finite generation properties for various rings of integer-valued polynomials
Journal of Algebra, 2009

Factoring Dickson Polynomials over  Finite Fields
Finite Fields and their Applications 1999

Generalized  Factorials and Fixed Divisors over Subsets of a Dedekind Domain
Journal of Number Theory, 1998

Congruence  preservation and polynomial functions from ℤn to ℤm
Discrete Mathematics, 1997