SFCHINA 2016: China International Exhibition for Surface Finishing and Coatings Products
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Advanced Engineering UK 2016
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NuMat2016: The Nuclear Materials Conference

NuMat2016: The Nuclear Materials Conference

This nuclear materials conference created in association with The Journal of Nuclear Materials serves as an umbrella for international meetings on nuclear materials science related to fission and fusion reactors and the overall nuclear fuel cycle. As with previous conferences, NuMat 2016 will combine eight topic tracks in four parallel sessions, covering nuclear fuels, structural materials, molten salts and materials for the waste management.

Topics are as follows:

  • Thermodynamics and Thermal Properties of Nuclear Fuels
  • Structural and Functional Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors
  • Modelling and Simulation of Nuclear Fuels
  • Modelling and Simulation of Structural Materials
  • Behavior of Materials during Severe Accidents and Accident Tolerant Fuels
  • Radiation Damage Processes in Materials and Complex Microstructures
  • Characterization of Irradiated Materials and Nuclear Fuels
  • Materials for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The last topic covers molten salts and materials for the waste management.

Abstract Submission Deadline 13 May 2016.

The organizers encourage scientists involved in experimental and theoretical studies to participate, particularly in studies aimed at understanding fundamental properties of nuclear fuels and materials under irradiation.


Caribbean Conference on Functional Materials (CARIBMAT)

The 1st Caribbean Conference on Functional Materials, CARIBMAT 2016, aims to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers in the field of functional materials in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America region as well as with researchers from other countries.

The Conference will take place in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) from 8 to 11 November 2016. The Conference venue is the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Santo Domingo, located near the colonial area of the city.


12th International Rare Earths Conference
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IRC 25 year celebration

A celebratory event marking 25 years since the IRC’s launch will be held at QMUL. This will provide an opportunity to hear about the aims, ambitions and achievements of the IRC in Biomedical Materials, to develop future research collaborations at QMUL and to hear about its legacy.

The IRC pioneered innovation, development and testing of biomaterials and addressed the fundamentals of biological and clinical interfacing of materials. A key underpinning feature was the multidisciplinarity of IRC staff and students. The cross-disciplinary
interactions involved cell culture, mass transport, metrology, materials processing and characterisation. 

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During its twelve years of operation, the IRC trained over 100 PhD students, who are now working in academic, clinical, research and industrial careers worldwide, as well as some pursuing successful careers outside science. A spin-out company, ApaTech Limited, was set up to commercially exploit the synthetic bone graft replacement technology developed by academics within the IRC.

The IRC legacy at QMUL is the Institute of Bioengineering, established in 2015, a cross-faculty initiative bringing together 50 academics from the faculties of Science & Engineering and Medicine & Dentistry. The Institute provides a focus for ground-breaking research aimed at the development of new medical technologies to meet the key healthcare challenges of the 21st century.


Second International Conference on Advanced Materials for Power Engineering (ICAMPE-2016)
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10^6 and beyond: New research applications for Materials Science

10^6 and beyond: New research applications for Materials Science

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DualBeam FIB/SEMs, integrated Focused Ion Beams with Scanning Electron Microscopes are routinely used to characterize structural information at the micro- and nanoscale. Xe Plasma FIB/SEMs have enabled researchers to access larger volumes of materials and metals with large grain structure to improve statistical accuracy for 2D and 3D analysis because of their large throughput capabilities. Xe Plasma FIB/SEM technology enables dramatically improved material removal rates compared to traditional methods - while maintaining exceptional surface quality and high-contrast, ultra high resolution imaging performance.

Novel strategies are being developed to produce samples for site specific 3D-EBSD analysis, fabrication of samples for dynamic mechanical testing and Gallium free thin sections for S/TEM analysis, using in-situ manipulators in combination with the large throughput capability of the Plasma FIB. We will discuss how Xe Plasma FIB technology opens the doors to new research applications such as the visualization and analysis polycrystalline metal samples after mechanical stress.

In addition to the ultra high-resolution capabilities, the webinar will examine the wider potential of Xe Plasma FIB technology for a variety of characterization techniques such as preparing samples for mechanical tests, TEM analysis and site specific 3D-EBSD & 3D-EDS.

  • Hear from expert speakers how large volume serial sectioning can help bridge the current gap in multiscale materials characterization. 
  • Discover solutions for rapidly creating large volume 3D material reconstructions. 
  • Learn more about new research applications for Materials Science using Xe Plasma FIB ?technology.
  • Discuss your large volume materials characterization applications with experts.


Tom Nuhfer, Director of Electron Microscopy and Materials Characterization, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.

Brandon Van Leer, Business Development and Product Marketing Engineer, FEI.

Joe d'Angelo, (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher, Elsevier.

Fabtech 2016
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World Summit on Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research

World Summit on Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research (Nanomed-2016) hosted and organized by Clyto Access Inc. from 28 - 30 November, 2016 at Dubai, will provide an international forum for the exchange of information in a wide arena of branches of nanotechnology and nanomedicine, through feature tutorials, track sessions and workshops.

There will be plenary talks from the world's most renowned scientists and engineers. Clyto Access is inviting industries/companies related to software, hardware, equipment, materials, services and literature in the field of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine for Exhibition. 

Important Dates:

  • Last date for Abstract Submission: 26 August, 2016
  • Early Bird registration ends: 24 May, 2016

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COMPOSITES EUROPE 2016 - 11th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composite Materials Technology & Applications

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2016 - 11th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composite Materials Technology & Applications

11th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications

Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2016

COMPOSITES EUROPE is the most innovative fair in the strongest composites market. Decision makers, buyers and designers from the most important application industries find the very latest materials solutions and technologies.

With 11000 visitors expected for the next meeting, including representatives from industries including: Automotive (Cars And Trucks); Aircraft/Aerospace; Wind Energy, Offshore; Rail/Buses/Mass Transit; Building/Construction; Marine/Shipping; Civil Engineering/Infrastructure; Consumer Products, Leisure; Industrial/General Engineering; Leisure; Electrical/Electronics; Medical; Water Control/Sewerage; Agriculture; Corrosion/Chemical Resistant Equipment.

COMPOSITES EUROPE is the European trade fair and forum for composite materials, technology and applications. Raw material suppliers, suppliers, processors, technology manufacturers and service providers display the whole range of the industry.

Previous exhibitor and partner statements:

“We operate in a forward-looking growth market. In this context, COMPOSITES EUROPE is a must-attend event for us.”
Roland Lutz, Proprietor of Gaugler & Lutz, 2014

“2014 was ENGEL’s first year at COMPOSITES EUROPE – and it was a good decision to exhibit here. We met all important OEMs. This trade fair is the best event for us to position ourselves in the composites market.”
Peter Egger, Division Manager, Technology Centre for Lightweight Composites, ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH, 2014

“COMPOSITES EUROPE has developed very positively and it’s becoming an increasingly important trade fair for us. It has a lot of visitors from the automotive industry; with all the big manufacturers from Japan there this year – Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Evonik has an excellent business outlook in the composites sector, and we’re expecting double-digit growth in our market segment.”
Dr Stephan Sprenger, Senior Market Development Manager Composites and Lightweight Construction, Evonik Hanse GmbH, 2014

“COMPOSITES EUROPE is an indispensable market staple. The response has been excellent again this year. We consider COMPOSITES EUROPE our trade fair partner – now and in future.”
Dr. Elmar Witten, Managing Director, AVK / Management Spokesman, Composites Germany

“A big success. Visitor quality has increased. With three halls, the trade fair is very well positioned this year. The quality of COMPOSITES EUROPE is improving with each passing year.”
Michael Stahl, Director Corporate Marcom & Public Affairs, Hexion GmbH
“The rising demand for light and smart materials are driving lightweight construction into the new dimension of mass production. COMPOSITES EUROPE is the innovation hub for the composites industry – right at the heart of the most important market for lightweight construction materials in Europe.”
Prof. Roberto Frassine, President, EuCIA

For more information, visit the COMPOSITES EUROPE website.

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Machine Tool Indonesia 2016
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Inside 3D Printing Shanghai 2016
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Manufacturing Indonesia
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Composite Pressure Vessel Symposium
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POWDERMET2017 & AMPM2017 Technical Program Committee Meeting
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International Metal Technology Taiwan 2016
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Euromold 2016
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MPIF Technical Board Meeting
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Additive Manufacturing Americas 2016
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