Nano S&T-2017

The 7th Annual World Congress of Nano Science and Technology-2017 (Nano S&T-2017) will be held in Japan during October 24-26, 2017. It covers all frontier topics in advanced nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, applications of nanotechnology, nanomedicine and biomaterials, etc. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers and policy makers from multidisciplinary research and application areas to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation, to discuss the benefits of Nanotechnology and materials science in their research and development efforts to advance the networking, and collaborating between different academia, research and market leaders in the field.

Participants from the top international academic, government and private industry labs of different disciplines participate in Nano S&t-2017 to identify new technology trends, development tools, R&D collaborations, and commercialization partners. It provides an unprecedented opportunity and effective platform for institutions and industries to share ideas and discover innovation in the area of nanotechnology and develop new business opportunities.


Corte & Conformação de Metais 2017
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Engine Expo North America
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First Materials Research Society of Thailand International Conference


  1. Emerging Solar PV
  2. Energy Storage Materials
  3. Graphene and Carbon Materials
  4. Thermoelectrics
  5. Dielectrics, Piezoelectrics, Ferroelectrics, Superconductors and Energy HarvestingMaterials
  6. Magnetics and Data Storage
  7. Welding, Materials Joining and Additive Manufacturing Technology
  8. Ceramic  and Glass Technology
  9. Polymer, Rubber, Plastics and Biplastics
  10. Biomaterials and Applications
  11. Sensors, Organic Electronics and Printed Electronics
  12. Metal, Material Processing and Corrosion
  13. Composites and Construction Materials
  14. Computational Material Sciences
  15. Surface Sciences, Tribology and Thin Film Technology
  16. Catalyst and Materials Chemistry
  17. Instrumentation and Material Characterization
  18. Synchrotron Radiation and Applications on Material Sciences
  19. Material Education in 21st Century
  20. Material Enterprises and Industries 

Advanced Engineering Birmingham

Advanced Engineering is the place where the UK supply chain meets face-to-face with engineering management spanning R & D, design, test, production & procurement from OEMs, integrators and top tier industry players. On November 1 & 2 at the NEC, Birmingham, Advanced Engineering will once again host multiple co-located show zones, providing the largest collection of supply chain opportunities, technology case studies and innovation partnerships under one roof. Attend Advanced Engineering to meet and do business, not only within your own sector, but in those less familiar areas you would not otherwise discover at a single exhibition. Join us where the familiar meets the unfamiliar...

Integrating five multiple show exhibit zones with the UK’s largest free-to-attend engineering Conference programme, Advanced Engineering is the must-attend event where the supply chain meets with visiting engineering & procurement decision makers from OEMs and top tier organisations spanning: Aerospace; Automotive; Motorsport; Marine, Civil Engineering, and more.

Whether you are a visitor or an exhibitor, Advanced Engineering will not only provide you with a business forum and supply chain showcase for your own sector, but will also introduce you to new opportunities in industries using related technologies and services.

Co-locating as part of Advanced Engineering 2017:

Aero Engineering

  • Composites Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Performance Metals Engineering
  • Connected Manufacturing - NEW FOR 2017

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Polymers + 3D 2017

Polymers and Plastics are synonymous in many applications and everyday things. Yet they are two distinct terms when applied to the wide varied of properties that is associated with manufactured and engineered materials. This conference and workshop will focus on bridging the knowledge gap and appreciation for the properties of polymer materials when applied to additive manufacturing methods and 3D printing. This will involve delivering content to both novice and expert. Polymer chemists and plastics engineers will find the requirements for performance limits most 3D printing objects as prototypes rather than replacement parts. Another is in finding new applications in tooling, parts replacement, molds, and high build volume applications that are becoming the realm of digital manufacturing.


18th International Conference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM-18)

ICOTOM-18 will foster the fundamental understanding of the basic processes underlying the formation of texture and its relation to the anisotropic properties of polycrystalline materials. With EBSD and other techniques providing textural information from the nano to the macro scale, our understanding of the links between the local orientation and texture evolution and material properties continues to grow. ICOTOM-18 will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent progress in texture and anisotropy research.

Materials scientists and geoscientists as well as engineers are invited to come together in the scientific exchange at ICOTOM-18 to further the fundamental understanding of texture and anisotropy with an aim to convert that basic scientific understanding into real-world engineering solutions. With the unique geology of the region we particularly invite geoscientists to participate and contribute to the texture (or fabric) conversation.

Abstract Submission:

Abstract submissions must be submitted as a Word document to and received by 1 February 2017. Notification of abstract acceptance by May 1, 2017. 

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your abstract.

Notification of abstract acceptance by February 1, 2017.


3rd International Conference on Green Chemical Engineering and Technology (3rd GCET)

The International Conference on Green Chemical Engineering and Technology (GCET 2017) is UniKL’s own homegrown conference. Participants from universities, industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations and venture capital providers will present their views on policy and recent research and application in areas related to chemical engineering and technology. In this international conference, we aim to provide an overview of the scientific, technical, economic, and environmental issues in Green Economy in order push to the green based economy and to present new developments.  It also provides a forum for leading political, corporate, academic and financial people to discuss recent developments and set up collaborations. This two (2) day conference will carry out together with Undergraduate Research Competition and Exhibition (URCE). It will consist of plenary and invited lectures and oral presentations by international experts, poster sessions, as well as final year project exhibition from undergraduate students. We expect to welcome about 150 international participants from over 10 countries.


CIIF: Shanghai International Industry Fair 2017
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Composite Meetings 2017
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Putech Eurasia & Eurasian Composites Show 2017

Putech Eurasia and Eurasian Composites Show 2017
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Eurasian Composites Show 2017
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The Economist Events - The Future of Materials

The world’s continuing need for materials means manufacturers and scientists are under pressure to develop materials with new properties, to a high-volume with global distribution whilst trying to preserve Earth’s biosphere.

Join us on November 13th & 14th where we will ask:

How can governments and manufacturers assess the environmental and social impact of the materials they use? And how can they also promote efficient use of these materials? 

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Professional Motorsport World Expo 2017
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The Third Asia Pacific Rubber Conference (APRC 2017)

The Conference will cover scientific and technical research, production, development, and rubber use topics, including: 

1.Rubber Processing and Products 
2.Rubber Compounding and Composites 
3.Rubber Chemistry and Chemical Modification 
4.Rubber Agronomy, Socio-Economics and Biotechnology 
5.Rubber Wood Technology and Rubber Industrial Management and Safety


nanoFIS 2017

The third International Conference nanoFIS 2017 - Integrated Functional nano Systems will be held on 22 - 24 November 2017 in Graz, Austria.

nanoFIS 2017 intends to contribute to challenges and topics of European Micro- & Nanoelectronics and to increase visibility in particular in the More-Than-Moore domain. The conference focuses on implementation of Key Enabling Technologies for Novel Device Development and High Performance System Integration.

nanoFIS 2017 addresses scientists, researchers and engineers from industry as well as academia throughout the world.

nanoFIS 2017 will highlight latest R&D results in the following Topics:



MRS Fall 2017

The 2017 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit will be held in Boston, Massachusetts.  All technical sessions and non-symposia, broader impact events will be held at the Hynes Convention Center and adjacent Sheraton Boston Hotel.
Locations and schedules of individual symposia will be posted in 2017 as available. All additional events will be listed on the menu to the left. Broader impact programming will be listed on the menu to the left. Information about individual sessions and special events will be posted as they become available closer to the meeting.