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Broadwater develops FRP covers for radiotherapy machine

The MR-linac is designed to improve targeting of tumour tissue while reducing exposure of normal tissue to radiation beams.
The MR-linac is designed to improve targeting of tumour tissue while reducing exposure of normal tissue to radiation beams.

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd has developed a range of fiber reinforced plastic parts for a radiotherapy systems designed to improve targeting of tumour tissue.

Human care company Elektra asked Broadwater to mold the parts needed for the world’s first high-field high energy magnetic resonance image guided linear accelerator (MR-linac) platform.

The MR-linac is designed to improve targeting of tumour tissue while reducing exposure of normal tissue to radiation beams. It will allow physicians to precisely locate a tumour, as well as lock onto it during delivery, even when tumour tissue is moving during treatment or changes shape, location or size between treatment sessions.

‘Broadwater Mouldings is proud to be associated with the new MR-linac platform and will continue to work with Elekta, to ensure the pioneering research enhances the field of cancer care,’ said Carl Reddington, project engineering manager for Broadwater Mouldings. ‘In early 2014 Broadwater produced ‘safety covers’ for the machine testing of the MR-Linac. Since then we have been involved in the design and development of covers which can be supplied directly to a hospital or clinic. Broadwater have helped Elekta design a covers set which can be manufactured cost effectively providing a variety of semi-gloss and high gloss components.’

This story is reprinted from material from Broadwater, with editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.

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Materials Awards

Elsevier awards researchers and research organizations throughout the world who have been credited with outstanding achievements and are making a significant contribution to the advancement of their field, thereby having a positive influence on our society.

The prizes are a tribute to the men and women who have contributed to the progress of humanity through their dedication to science. Serving as a source of inspiration, the awards help raise the profile of talented individuals and the organizations, in addition to the profession as a whole.

Elsevier is proud to support the following awards in materials science:

Energy Storage Materials Lecture Award – Energy Storage Materials
Acta Gold Medal Awards in Material Science - Acta Materialia
Acta Gold Medal Awards in Material Science – Acta BiomaterialiaMaterials Today Cover Competition Materials Science and Engineering C: Young Researcher Award – Materials Science and Engineering: C
Carbon Journal Prize – Carbon
Young Scholar Prize – Diamond and Related Materials
John H. Dillon Medal – Polymer
Feng Xinde Polymer Prize for Best Chinese Paper – Polymer Materials Science and Engineering: A Journal Prize – Materials Science and Engineering: A
Nano Today Cover Competition: Nano Today Biomaterials: A Year in Images – Biomaterials
Robert Cahn Award – Journal of Nuclear Materials
Nano Today Award – Nano Today
Hermen F. Mark Award – Polymer
Hermen Mark Scholar Awards - Polymer


Microscopy & Microanalysis 2016

The annual M&M meeting continues to be the premier meeting for scientists, technologists, and students who use microscopy or microanalysis in their research.


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