When is the point of no return for the health of our planet?

Research collection

Throughout EGU 2017 we are highlighting research contributing to the question: When is the point of no return for the health of our planet?

As part of this theme, we have selected the following papers highlighting research that addresses the question ‘when is the point of no return for the health of our planet?’ through various lenses including modelling, ecology, engineering, social and political considerations, and geologic history.

The articles are free to access on ScienceDirect until July 31, 2017. We hope you enjoy the collection - Simply click on the article titles below:

The 10 Australian ecosystems most vulnerable to tipping points

Biological Conservation, 2011
Laurance W.F., Dell B., Turton S.M., Lawes M.J., Hutley L.B., McCallum H., Dale P., Bird M., Hardy G., Prideaux G., Gawne B., McMahon C.R., Yu R., Hero J.-M., Schwarzkopf L., Krockenberger A., Douglas M., Silvester E., Mahony M., Vella K., Saikia U., Wahren C.-H., Xu Z., Smith B., Cocklin C.

Nonlinear dynamics in ecosystem response to climatic change: Case studies and policy implications

Ecological Complexity, 2005
Burkett V.R., Wilcox D.A., Stottlemyer R., Barrow W., Fagre D., Baron J., Price J., Nielsen J.L., Allen C.D., Peterson D.L., Ruggerone G., Doyle T.

Assessing hydrologic alteration: Evaluation of different alternatives according to data availability

Ecological Indicators, 2016
Peñas F.J., Barquín J., Álvarez C.

Predicting shifts in large herbivore distributions under climate change and management using a spatially-explicit ecosystem model

Ecological Modelling, 2017
Fullman T.J., Bunting, E.L., Kiker, G.A., Southworth, J.

Biodiversity trajectories and the time needed to achieve no net loss through averted-loss biodiversity offsets

Ecological Modelling, 2017
Buschke, F.T.

An agent-based bioenergetics model for predicting impacts of environmental change on a top marine predator, the Weddell seal

Ecological Modelling, 2017
Beltran, R.S., Ward Testa, J, Burns, J.M.

Energy policies avoiding a tipping point in the climate system

Energy Policy, 2011
Bahn O., Edwards N.R., Knutti R., Stocker T.F.

Rapid climate change: Lessons from the recent geological past

Global and Planetary Change, 2011
Holmes J., Lowe J., Wolff E., Srokosz M.

The tipping point trend in climate change communication

Global Environmental Change, 2009
Russill C., Nyssa Z.

Climate tipping points and solar geoengineering

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2016
Heutel G., Moreno-Cruz J., Shayegh S.

Oil, Earth mass and gravitational force

Science of the Total Environment, 2016
Moustafa K.

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