STM Digest: a new service to publicize the best bits of science and make science more digestable

STM Digest

STM Digest is a collection of summaries of original research papers with  social impact or a focus on policy. These summaries have the potential to make research more accessible, improve engagement in science, and benefit wider society. They will be published online next to the original article on ScienceDirect and  will be freely available.

The pilot will initially highlight articles in Elsevier's Environmental & Ecology and Economics  & Finance journals and will likely expand to include other portfolios in 2015.

How STM Digest works

The initiative is a collaboration between Elsevier's STM Journals group and the cloud-based research management and social collaboration platform, Mendeley.

Research Ambassadors, who are early career researchers, will work closely with the publishers and editors of specific Elsevier journals in their area of expertise to monitor recently accepted papers each month and select the most relevant papers for the STM Digest. The Ambassadors will then write clear  summaries of the selected journal articles and, with the approval of the article authors, those summaries will be published alongside the original research article on ScienceDirect, and will feature on the relevant journal's homepage on

A Mendeley  STM Digest Group will provide a virtual meeting space to discuss the summaries and they will be shared with a wider audience via Mendeley's social media sharing facility. Articles that are not open access will be made freely available for three months, and authors are encouraged to share a link to  their article via email and social networks.

You can follow news from STM Digest on Twitter @STMDigest

Benefits for contributors

STM Digest will offer early-career researchers an opportunity to gain experience with publishing and reviewing while establishing a reputation in their areas of expertise. This position is designed to foster involvement in scientific writing while gaining visibility for their research and connecting  with their peers.

Interested in becoming a Research Ambassador?

Some of the benefits include:

  • The chance to work closely with journal authors, editors, publishers and the Mendeley team
  • Access to new and novel research
  • Full access to ScienceDirect and Scopus
  • A Mendeley Premium Account
  • Inclusion in the new Mendeley Resources group, with the opportunity to talk with fellow Ambassadors and share best practices
  • The possibility of your translations being included in Mendeley's Advisor and Librarian newsletters
  • A stepping stone to becoming a journal reviewer, author, Editorial Board member or editor

Interested in applying? Is this the perfect opportunity for someone you know? Send us your application or recommendation!

To apply, please send us:

  • CV
  • A short paragraph to describe your motivation

In addition, we would love to see your personal page, blog, social media handle or any other information that you would consider relevant!


STM Digest: a new service to publicize the best bits of science and make science more digestable

Interdisciplinary assessment of sea-level rise and climate  change impacts on the lower Nile delta, Egypt
Science of The Total Environment

Emerging contaminants of  public health significance as water quality indicator compounds in the urban  water cycle
Environment International

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