Elsevier Energy Forum

The newly formed Elsevier Energy Forum comprises a group of selected Early Career Researchers, spanning all areas of Energy, and Elsevier’s Energy publishing team. The Forum will meet on a regular basis and the Early Career Researcher members will drive the agenda, to ensure we are tackling the most pertinent issues affecting Energy researchers today. By galvanizing some of Energy’s rising stars and our experienced Elsevier Publishers, we aim to develop solutions and enhancements to tackle our community’s issues and develop other visionary innovations along the way!

Forum Members

Dr Pietro CampanaDr Pietro Campana
Mälardalen University, Sweden

In 2015 I obtained my PhD in Energy and Environmental engineering. Currently, I’m a postdoc research fellow in Energy and Environmental engineering. My main fields of interest include solar energy, in particular integration of solar energy into agricultural and industrial processes, and in general energy systems simulation and optimization.

Mission Statement: “I would like to improve and facilitate the publishing process of research results bringing in new ideas.”

Dr Alexandros Charalambides

Dr Alexandros Charalambides
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Alexandros’ research interests lie in the fields of solar energy, algal biofuel production and energy saving in buildings. His dynamism and passion for sustainable development and for empowering young talent are what drove him to create Chrysalis LEAP, the first cleantech accelerator in Cyprus and ENERMAP, an EU-funded University spin-out.

Mission Statement: “I want to bring the notion of entrepreneurship to young academics and help researchers bring out the business side of their work.”

Michael FellDr Michael Fell
UCL Energy Institute, UK

Michael Fell is a research associate in buildings (with focus on domestic energy and behaviour) at the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology based at UCL Energy Institute. His main interest lies in the study of social aspects of energy demand flexibility, where he employs methods including evidence reviews, social surveys, focus groups and interviews. Previous projects have explored subjects including consumer demand for domestic demand-side response product offerings (such as time of use electricity tariffs), energy feedback, and energy education in schools.

Mission Statement: “I’m committed to exploring ways to make our energy systems work for people, both directly as individuals and as members of society and wider ecosystems. For me, maximising the effectiveness of academic publishing in working towards that goal is an important part of that.”

Matthew Gidden

Dr Matthew Gidden
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA, Austria

Matthew is a multidisciplinary scientist whose interests lie at the intersection of advanced energy technologies, energy policy, energy security, and non-proliferation issues. After receiving his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, he joined IIASA as a Research Scholar in the Energy Program. Matthew currently conducts research and develops tools and methods to answer interesting questions regarding the Energy-Climate-Food-Water Nexus across spatial and temporal scales.

Mission Statement: “The reproducibility of data and workflows is a foundational aspect of any scientific endeavour. Given the interdisciplinary nature of Energy as a topic and its high impact on current socio-political events, positive movement towards more reproducible science is critical. One of my chief goals is to help facilitate and promote the transparency, reproducibility, and integrity of Energy-related science.”

Marie HylandMarie Hyland
Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), Ireland

Marie Hyland is a research analyst at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI). Some of her recent research has involved an estimation of the effects of electricity market restricting in the EU, and analyses of the relationship between energy and other inputs for firms in the manufacturing sector.

Mission Statement: “I hope to bring to the forum my experience to date of the publishing process, and to discuss topical issues in energy economics and explore possibilities for collaboration.”

Elta KoloElta Kolo
Greentech Media, USA

Elta is currently working at GTM Research as part of the Grid Edge team. In 2016 she received an Erasmus Mundus Joint PhD in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Comillas Pontifical University (Spain).

Mission Statement: “Seeking to foster a discussion on energy policy research becoming more interdisciplinary. Research interests lie on distribution down in the grid and demand engagement in electricity markets.”

Dr Patrick Mountapmbeme KouotouDr Patrick Mountapmbeme Kouotou
University of Maroua, Cameroon

Patrick is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Maroua. After his gaining his Ph.D in Physical Chemistry at the Bielefeld University (Germany), he moved to China for a postdoc position at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His main research is focused on materials (transition metal oxides) synthesis and catalysis.

Mission Statement: “Functional materials such as metal oxides are of great interest in the process of energy production. Typically, metal oxide is discussed today as an alternative catalyst for low-temperature catalytic combustion.”

Stephen MeyersStephen Meyers
Kassel University, Germany

I am a researcher dedicated to the advancement of solar and renewable heating technology and project implementation to meet industrial manufacturing demand. My six year background in solar energy includes a mix of academic experiences in Abu Dhabi and Germany and industrial experiences in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Mission Statement: “I hope to bring a realistic balance between academic research and real world product/project implementation to the Forum, as research not employed limits its benefit to humanity.”

Kai MoshammerKai Moshammer
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany

I received my diploma degree in chemistry from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and my PhD in Physical Chemistry from Bielefeld University (Germany), under the supervision of Prof. Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus. After one year as head of the Mass spectrometry subgroup I joined the Combustion Research Facility in 2014 and am now investigating soot formation and the impact of highly elusive molecules to low-temperature combustion chemistry.

Mission Statement: “I am interested in discussions about ongoing publication strategies and new ideas to make young researchers more visible.”

Dr Mirjam RöederDr Mirjam Röeder
University of Manchester, UK

Mirjam Röder is an agricultural engineer. Her research interests focus on climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation of agriculture and forestry based bioenergy. Mirjam has a strong quantitative and qualitative methodological background. In her research she follows interdisciplinary and has a strong expertise in life cycle assessment and whole systems approaches.

Mission Statement: “My interests include critical understanding of bioenergy research with interest in uncertainties relating to real emission reductions, temporal aspects of emissions and concerns regarding the sustainability of some bioenergy supply chains, practices and global energy security.”

Dr Ashwin SalviDr Ashwin Salvi
Achates Power, USA

Ashwin completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan studying the impact of alternative fuels on combustion and the in-situ thermophysical properties of particulates in heat exchangers. He served as a Fellow at ARPA-E in the US Department of Energy, advancing high impact and innovative energy technologies.

Mission Statement: “I bring the perspective of high risk, high reward energy technologies with the purpose of commercialization.”

Dr Paulo Henrique De Mello SantanaDr Paulo Henrique De Mello Santana
Federal University of ABC – UFABC, Brazil

Dr Santana holds a bachelor of mechanical engineering, M.Sc. and Ph.D. on energy systems planning and a post-doctoral in energy policy. His researches lies in the field of climate change, energy planning, policy and regulation. He is a reviewer for the journals Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews and Energy for Sustainable Development.

Mission Statement: “How do we promote and develop competition in clean energy systems with low cost and security of supply? This macro problem-driven question is a challenge to interdisciplinary researchers and policymakers worldwide.”

Dr Jennifer SideyDr Jennifer Sidey
University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. Sidey is a research associate funded by the EU Joint Clean Sky Initiative. She specialises in the development of low emission gas turbine combustors. She was trained as a Mechanical Engineer specialising in alternative fuels at McGill University and was awarded her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2015.

Mission Statement: “I am interested in the role of combustion applications in emission reduction strategies. In particular, I would like to discuss the allocation of research resources to either improve existing or develop new technologies.”

Dr Reeta Rani SinghaniaDr Reeta Rani Singhania
Center for Advanced Bioenergy Research, IOCL R & D, India

I have been working in bioenergy for 13 years and have been involved in research on ‘LC Ethanol’ technology. I received the AuCBT/Excellence award in 2008, the IFIBiop Young Scientist award in 2013 as well as the ‘DBT- Energy Bioscience Overseas Fellowship’ to work on Bioenergy in India.

Mission Statement: “Issues related with alternate energy, climatic change and sustainability are extremely complex in nature and need to be studied in detail. However, being interlinked these cannot be studied in isolation; hence, a holistic approach is needed.”

Dr Gregory Brian Upton, Jr.Dr Gregory Brian Upton, Jr.
Louisiana State University, USA

Dr. Upton's research interests are related to the analysis of economic, environmental and public policy issues in energy and regulated industries.  He received his Ph.D in economics from Louisiana State University and is an adjunct professor of Environmental Sciences in the College of the Coast & Environment at LSU.

Mission Statement: “I look forward to learning more about the intricacies inside the publishing process and providing feedback and opinions based on my experiences.”

Dr Shannon YeeDr Shannon Yee
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Shannon Yee joined Georgia Tech in January of 2014 as an Assistant Professor directly from his PhD at the University of California Berkeley. Dr. Yee completed his MS in Nuclear Engineering in 2008 and his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2007 both from The Ohio State University.

Mission Statement: “Shannon is passionate about helping disseminate truly innovative and disruptive energy concepts and assisting in ensuring the peer review process is timely and fair.”

Dr Lei Zhang
Tsinghua University, China

My research focuses on the area of alternative biofuels, including cellulosic ethanol, sweet sorghum ethanol, biomass biogas, and developments of bio-based products. Currently, I am working on deep optimization of solid-state fermentation for sweet sorghum ethanol and metabolic engineering of microorganisms for improving bio-based chemicals production.

Mission Statement: “The scaling up of bench-scale technology to industry scale is the largest challenge and most exciting part of my career. Therefore, I want to share something about it.”