Article selection

Since launching its famed Energiewende project in the year 2000, Germany has cemented its reputation as a hotbed of energy innovation and driving force in the changing global energy landscape. In recognition of this, we are pleased to share a selection of articles that showcase research output from German authors in three key and current areas of focus for energy research globally.

All articles are freely available to read on ScienceDirect until 4th July 2016

Energy systems

A hybrid approach for the efficient synthesis of renewable energy systems
P. Petruschke et al.
Applied Energy

Optimizing biogas plants with excess power unit and storage capacity in electricity and control reserve markets
P. Hochloff, M. Braun
Biomass and Bioenergy

The optimum is not enough: A near-optimal solution paradigm for energy systems synthesis
P. Voll et al.

Simple models for building-integrated solar thermal systems
C. Maurer et al.
Energy and Buildings

Feasibility and potential of thermal demand side management in residential buildings considering different developments in the German energy market
H. Wolisz et al.
Energy Conversion and Management

Efficient strategies for the integration of renewable energy into future energy infrastructures in Europe - An analysis based on transnational modeling and case studies for nine European regions
I. Boie et al.
Energy Policy

Putting an energy system transformation into practice: The case of the German Energiewende
E. Schmid, B. Knopf, A. Pechan
Energy Research and Social Science

Uncertainty modeling in optimal operation of energy hub in presence of wind, storage and demand response
S. Pazouki, M.-R. Haghifam, A. Moser
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

A comprehensive model for the German electricity and heat sector in a future energy system with a dominant contribution from renewable energy technologies - Part II: Results
A. Palzer, H.-M. Henning
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Energy and cities

Automated metamodel generation for Design Space Exploration and decision-making - A novel method supporting performance-oriented building design and retrofitting
P. Geyer, A. Schluter
Applied Energy

Short-term smart learning electrical load prediction algorithm for home energy management systems
W. El-Baz, P. Tzscheutschler
Applied Energy

A multidisciplinary approach to sustainable building material selection: A case study in a Finnish context
A. Takano, M. Hughes, S. Winter
Building and Environment

Revealing household characteristics from smart meter data
C. Beckel et al.

The convergence of life cycle assessment and nearly zero-energy buildings: The case of Germany
M. Weissenberger, W. Jensch, W. Lang
Energy and Buildings

Performance analysis of commercial buildings - Results and experiences from the German demonstration program 'Energy Optimized Building (EnOB)'
A. Wagner et al.
Energy and Buildings

Modeling and simulation of the heating circuit of a multi-functional building
R. Sangi et al.
Energy and Buildings

Factors influencing German house owners' preferences on energy retrofits
M. Achtnicht, R. Madlener
Energy Policy

Energy analysis of the built environment - A review and outlook
J.E. Anderson, G. Wulfhorst, W. Lang
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Energy storage

Efficiency of low-temperature adsorptive hydrogen storage systems
P. Adametz, K. Muller, W. Arlt
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Analysis of the maximal possible grid relief from PV-peak-power impacts by using storage systems for increased self-consumption
J. Moshovel et al.
Applied Energy

Determination of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) characteristics by Fourier analysis of heat load profiles
S. Pinnau, C. Breitkopf
Energy Conversion and Management

Bipolar porous polymeric frameworks for low-cost, high-power, long-life all-organic energy storage devices
K. Sakaushi et al.
Journal of Power Sources

Adsorption thermal energy storage for cogeneration in industrial batch processes: Experiment, dynamic modeling and system analysis
H. Schreiber et al.
Applied Thermal Engineering

Development of storage materials for high-temperature rechargeable oxide batteries
C.M. Berger et al.
Journal of Energy Storage

Power to gas: Technological overview, systems analysis and economic assessment for a case study in Germany
S. Schiebahn et al.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Economic feasibility of pipe storage and underground reservoir storage options for power-to-gas load balancing
C. Budny, R. Madlener, C. Hilgers
Energy Conversion and Management

Concept and potential of pumped hydro storage in federal waterways
P. Stenzel, J. Linssen
Applied Energy