Article selection: Energy in China

Read a selection of high quality research and review papers about China, with topics ranging from nuclear energy, renewables and fuels; to energy systems and policy.

All papers are freely available to access on ScienceDirect until 31st July 2017.

China Article Selection

Development strategy and conceptual design of China Lead-based Research Reactor
Wu, Y et al.
Annals of Nuclear Energy

Optimal sizing, operating strategy and operational experience of a stand-alone microgrid on Dongfushan Island
Zhao, B et al.
Applied Energy

China's regional industrial energy efficiency and carbon emissions abatement costs
Wang, K., Wei, Y.-M.
Applied Energy

Energy consumption of electric vehicles based on real-world driving patterns: A case study of Beijing
Wang, H., Zhang, X., Ouyang, M.
Applied Energy

An empirical analysis of china's energy efficiency from both static and dynamic perspectives
Wang, Z., Feng, C., Zhang, B.

Energy demand in China: Comparison of characteristics between the US and China in rapid urbanization stage
Lin, B., Ouyang, X.
Energy Conversion and Management

Effects of urbanisation on energy consumption in China
Wang, Q.
Energy Policy

Does environmental regulation affect energy efficiency in China's thermal power generation: Empirical evidence from a slacks-based DEA model
Bi, G.-B., Song, W., Zhou, P., Liang, L.
Energy Policy

The construction of Shenzhen's carbon emission trading scheme
Jiang, J.J., Ye, B., Ma, X.M.
Energy Policy

Who wants solar water heaters and alternative fuel vehicles? Assessing social-psychological predictors of adoption intention and policy support in China
Chen, C.-F., Xu, X., Frey, S.
Energy Research and Social Science

Evaluation of socioeconomic impacts on and risks for shale gas exploration in China
Yu, S.
Energy Strategy Reviews

Fractal characteristics of shales from a shale gas reservoir in the Sichuan Basin, China
Yang, F., Ning, Z., Liu, H.

Integrated assessment of CO2 reduction technologies in China's cement industry
Wang, Y., Höller, S., Viebahn, P., Hao, Z.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

Synthesis of layered double hydroxides/graphene oxide nanocomposite as a novel high-temperature CO2 adsorbent
Junya Wang et al.
Journal of Energy Chemistry

Investigation of pore structure and fractal characteristics of organic-rich Yanchang formation shale in central China by nitrogen adsorption/desorption analysis
Liu, X., Xiong, J., Liang, L.
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering

Block scale investigation on gas content of coalbed methane reservoirs in southern Qinshui basin with statistical model and visual map
Liu, H et al.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering

Technical feasibility study on a standalone hybrid solar-wind system with pumped hydro storage for a remote island in Hong Kong
Ma, T., Yang, H., Lu, L., Peng, J.
Renewable Energy

The status of natural gas hydrate research in China: A review
Song, Y et al.
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Review of renewable energy investment and financing in China: Status, mode, issues and countermeasures
Ming, Z., Ximei, L., Yulong, L., Lilin, P.
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

A critical review of China's rapidly developing renewable energy and energy efficiency policies
Lo, K.
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

On-site measured performance of a radiant floor cooling/heating system in Xi'an Xianyang International Airport
Zhao, K., Liu, X.-H., Jiang, Y.
Solar Energy