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Article Selection: Energy in China

An Article Collection on Energy in China has been created to showcase the growing body of energy research by Chinese authors that has published in Elsevier Energy journals, and to help stimulate discussion and broaden understanding across a wide range of energy disciplines.

The articles were selected in July 2017 via Scopus, and are now freely available for anyone to access on ScienceDirect until 31 July 2018.

The decomposition of energy-related carbon emission and its decoupling with economic growth in China
Yue-Jun Zhang, Ya-Bin Da
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Recent development and application of thermoelectric generator and cooler
Wei He, Gan Zhang, Xingxing Zhang, Jie Ji, Guiqiang Li, Xudong Zhao
Applied Energy

Asymmetric supercapacitors based on carbon nanotubes@NiO ultrathin nanosheets core-shell composites and MOF-derived porous carbon polyhedrons with super-long cycle life
Huan Yi, Huanwen Wang, Yuting Jing, Tianquan Peng, Xuefeng Wang
Journal of Power Sources

Determination of pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of palm kernel shell using TGA-FTIR and model-free integral methods
Zhongqing Ma, Dengyu Chen, Jie Gu, Binfu Bao, Qisheng Zhang
Energy Conversion and Management

Multi-objective optimization of a combined cooling, heating and power system driven by solar energy
Man Wang, Jiangfeng Wang, Pan Zhao, Yiping Dai
Energy Conversion and Management

A review of the recent advances in superhydrophobic surfaces and the emerging energy-related applications
P. Zhang, F.Y. Lv

Combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fueled with diesel/biodiesel/pentanol fuel blends
Li, Li, Wang, Jianxin, Wang, Zhi, Xiao, Jianhua

Ash-related issues during biomass combustion: Alkali-induced slagging, silicate melt-induced slagging (ash fusion), agglomeration, corrosion, ash utilization, and related countermeasures
Yanqing Niu, Houzhang Tan, Shi'en Hui
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science

An analysis of the driving forces of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in China's industrial sector
Xiaoling Ouyang, Boqiang Lin
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Lipase-catalyzed process for biodiesel production: Enzyme immobilization, process simulation and optimization
Xuebing Zhao, Feng Qi, Chongli Yuan, Wei Du, Dehua Liu
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

A mini-review on anion exchange membranes for fuel cell applications: Stability issue and addressing strategies
Jie Cheng, Gaohong He, Fengxiang Zhang
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Optimization for a hybrid energy storage system in electric vehicles using dynamic programing approach
Ziyou Song, Heath Hofmann, Jianqiu Lia, Xuebing Han, Minggao Ouyang
Applied Energy

A review of the composite phase change materials: Fabrication, characterization, mathematical modeling and application to performance enhancement
P. Zhang, X. Xiao, Z.W. Ma
Applied Energy

Big data driven smart energy management: From big data to big insights
Kaile Zhou, Chao Fu, Shanlin Yang
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Hierarchical polypyrrole based composites for high performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Gao-Feng Chen, Zhao-Qing Liu, Jia-Ming Lin, Nan Li, Yu-Zhi Su
Journal of Power Sources

Reduced graphene oxide/polypyrrole nanotube papers for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors with excellent rate capability and high energy density
Chao Yang, Liling Zhang, Nantao Hu, Zhi Yang, Hao Wei, Yafei Zhang
Journal of Power Sources

Thermodynamic analysis and performance optimization of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) waste heat recovery system for marine diesel engines
Jian Song, Yin Song, Chun-wei Gu

Energy conservation and emission reduction of China's electric power industry
Kaile Zhou, Shanlin Yang, Chao Shen, Shuai Ding, Chaoping Sun
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Pyrolysis behaviors of four O-acetyl-preserved hemicelluloses isolated from hardwoods and softwoods
Shurong Wang, Bin Ru, Haizhou Lin, Wuxing Sun

Carbon emissions trading scheme exploration in China: A multi-agent-based model
Ling Tang, Jiaqian Wu, Lean Yu, Qin Bao
Energy Policy

Impact of energy conservation policies on the green productivity in China's manufacturing sector: Evidence from a three-stage DEA model
Ke Lia, Boqiang Lin
Applied Energy

Regional energy efficiency, carbon emission performance and technology gaps in China: A meta-frontier non-radial directional distance function analysis
Xin Yao, Hongchen Zhou, Aizhen Zhang, Aijun Li
Energy Policy

China's regional CO2 emissions reduction potential: A study of Chongqing city
Xianchun Tan, Lele Dong, Dexue Chen, Baihe Gu, Yuan Zeng
Applied Energy

Hexadecanol/phase change polyurethane composite as form-stable phase change material for thermal energy storage
Bingtao Tang, Lingjuan Wang, Yuanji Xu, Jinghai Xiu, Shufen Zhang
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Cu2SnS3 solar cells fabricated by chemical bath deposition-annealing of SnS/Cu stacked layers
Jianmin Li, Cong Xue, Yaguang Wang, Guoshun Jiang, Weifeng Liu, Changfei Zhu
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells