Earth & Planetary Sciences Awards

Elsevier is heavily involved in working with the Earth and Planetary community. Below is an example of just a few of the awards and prizes that we oversee each year, recognising outstanding achievements in science and research.

Earth & Planetary Sciences Awards

Computers & Geosciences - Research Scholarship

The Computers & Geosciences Research Scholarships is awarded every year, to between two and four early career scientists (postgraduate students i.e. Masters or Doctoral candidates, or Post-Doctoral researchers) working in the field of computational geosciences or geoinformatics. The total annual budget for these scholarships is US$10,000. Learn more »

International Data Rescue Award in the Geosciences

The International Data Rescue Award in the Geosciences was created to improve prospects for preservation and access of research data, particularly of dark data, and share the varied ways that these data are being processed, stored, and used. The contest invites members of the international geosciences and related communities to submit written descriptions of projects that are based on, or substantially involve, the recovery and re-use of scientific data that were not initially accessible for research. Learn more »

Haagen-Smit Prize

The Haagen-Smit Prize annually recognizes two outstanding papers published in Atmospheric Environment. The final selection is made by an international committee of outstanding scientists. The "Haagen-Smit Award/Prize", is designed to recognize outstanding papers published in Atmospheric Environment. The prize has been named in honor of Prof. Arie Jan Haagen-Smit, a pioneer in the field of air pollution and one of the first editors of the International Journal of Air Pollution, a predecessor to Atmospheric Environment. The goal of this prize is to showcase the excellent science that has been published in this distinguished journal and to further attract outstanding future research. Learn more »

Journal of Structural Geology - Student Award

Each year the Journal of Structural Geology rewards one out standing paper the best Student award. You can apply for the JSG Student Award if you are younger than 35, and if the research presented in your paper is or has been carried out during the study for a BSc, MSc, PhD or similar degree. Learn more »

Organic Geochemistry – Elsevier Research Scholarship

The Elsevier Research Scholarship, co-sponsored by the journal Organic Geochemistry and the European Association of Organic Geochemists (EAOG), is intended for early-career researchers working in the field of organic geochemistry. The Research Scholarships aim to foster the scientific dialogue which Elsevier and EAOG believe to be fundamental to the advancement of research. Learn more »