SHARE: A Web Portal for Creating and Sharing Executable Research

The SHARE (Sharing Hosted Autonomous Research Environments) project aims to build an online library of virtual machines related to scientific publications, the purpose of which is to "share" securely and conveniently all data, software and configuration parameters related to scientific experiments. By deploying a copy of the required operating system in SHARE as well as relevant software and data, authors can make a conventional paper fully reproducible and interactive.

A web portal provides its users a convenient and secure means to share and preserve a virtual copy of their own research computer, enabling researchers to use each other's data and software without download, installation, configuration, or licensing barriers. Architecturally, the portal and its hosted virtual machines are designed to remain available for future generations of researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

The SHARE platform is accessible through the articles on the ScienceDirect platform via an in-text tagged identifier, such as SHARE: XP-TUe_TTC11_GrGen_v2.vdi. When clicked, the reader is taken to the related virtual machine hosted in SHARE.

Image: Simultaneous connection to three remote virtual machines in SHARE

The articles are freely available on ScienceDirect. We encourage you to read the articles and explore the SHARE platform.

The SHARE special section is the second project resulting from the Executable Paper Grand Challenge. In May 2013, a special issue was published in the journal Computers and Graphics, featuring the first place winner, Collage. Click here to learn more about the Collage special issue.

Special issue on Experimental Software Engineering in the Cloud (ESEiC) – features SHARE

Pieter Van Gorp, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Louis Rose, York University, UK

Guest editors' introduction to the first  issue on Experimental Software Engineering in the Cloud (ESEiC)
By Pieter Van Gorp and  Louis Rose
This paper clarifies the background of the special issue, introduces the SHARE cloud platform, and summarizes the two papers.

Evaluation of model transformation  approaches for model refactoring
By S. Kolahdouz-Rahimi,  K. Lano, S. Pillay, J. Troya and P. Van Gorp
This article uses a SHARE virtual machine to showcase a novel evaluation framework for five model transformation approaches.

A survey and comparison of transformation  tools based on the transformation tool contest
By Edgar Jakumeit,  Sebastian Buchwald, Dennis Wagelaar, Li Dan, Ábel Hegedüs, Markus  Herrmannsdörfer, Tassilo Horn, Elina Kalnina, Christian Krause, Kevin Lano, Markus  Lepper, Arend Rensink, Louis Rose, Sebastian Wätzoldt and Steffen Mazanek
This article is a survey on transformation approaches, and each approach is accompanied by a SHARE virtual machine.