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Liyue Zhao presents an author workshop at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

On 1 March 2013, Liyue Zhao, the Publisher of Computer Communications, Security and Microelectronics journals presented a successful author workshop to young researchers at the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The event was organized by Professor Wentao Zhu, an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Network and Computer Applications, who is a full professor at CAS. Professor Wentao applied for the workshop since many research projects in the Institute are related to information and networking security.

Academic exchanges with foreign universities and companies are still very sensitive to the institute administration. The workshop required careful planning. Liyue presented to the large group in three parts over 90 minutes:

  • How to get published in a Research Journal;
  • Author Rights & Responsibilities, and
  • Special Contents for Chinese Researchers i.e. explanation of Impact Factor

The workshop concluded with a Q&A session that brought up several interesting questions from the group. Liyue was able to provide answers from his own experience with added publishing insight. Typical questions were 'how long is the review process for a typical journal in this field', 'is my work suitable to get published in a journal' and 'what are the requirements for extending a conference paper'. The workshop received excellent feedback from the participants and similar workshops are planned for the future.

For more information on author support and organizing workshops, visit:

Liyue Zhao Presenting at the Author Workshop

Participants at the Author Workshop