Article Selection Celebrating Computer Science Research in China

Science and technology are booming in China and Chinese research increasingly leads in terms of output globally. Here we present a special article collection highlighting some of the research being undertaken in various fields of Computer Science in China.

This selection of high quality research papers demonstrating the scope of topics being considered in China today with topics ranging from Computer Networks and Communications, through to Software and Artificial Intelligence are freely available to access on ScienceDirect.

Attribute selection based on information gain ratio in fuzzy rough set theory with application to tumor classification
Applied Soft Computing Journal

E-NSP: Efficient negative sequential pattern mining
Artificial Intelligence

Observer-based adaptive sliding mode control for nonlinear Markovian jump systems

State-of-the-art of design, evaluation, and operation methodologies in product service systems
Computers in Industry

On the anonymity of two-factor authentication schemes for wireless sensor networks: Attacks, principle and solutions
Computer Networks

A low complexity coherent integration method for maneuvering target detection
Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal

Supplier selection using AHP methodology extended by D numbers
Expert Systems with Applications

G-Hadoop: MapReduce across distributed data centers for data-intensive computing
Future Generation Computer Systems

Security and privacy for storage and computation in cloud computing
Information Sciences

Multigranulation decision-theoretic rough sets
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning

Design and control of pressure-swing distillation for azeotropes with different types of boiling behavior at different pressures
Journal of Process Control

A new distance-based total uncertainty measure in the theory of belief functions
Knowledge-Based Systems

Measurement-based electrical characterization of through silicon vias and transmission lines for 3D integration
Microelectronic Engineering

A novel features ranking metric with application to scalable visual and bioinformatics data classification

Global anti-synchronization of a class of chaotic memristive neural networks with time-varying delays
Neural Networks

Bridging big data and qualitative methods in the social sciences: A case study of Twitter responses to high profile deaths by suicide,
Online Social Networks and Media

Sparse coding based visual tracking: Review and experimental comparison
Pattern Recognition

Wavelets for fault diagnosis of rotary machines: A review with applications
Signal Processing

Novel benchmark functions for continuous multimodal optimization with comparative results
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation

Computational efficiency and universality of timed P systems with active membranes
Theoretical Computer Science

Scene text detection using graph model built upon maximally stable extremal regions
Pattern Recognition Letters

A simulated annealing heuristic for the hybrid vehicle routing problem
Applied Soft Computing

Knowle: A semantic link network based system for organizing large scale online news events
Future Generation Computer Systems

iDoctor: Personalized and professionalized medical recommendations based on hybrid matrix factorization
Future Generation Computer Systems