Tetrahedron Prize 2009 Awarded to Prof. Steven V. Ley

Steve_LeyThe Executive Board of Editors and Elsevier, the Publisher of Tetrahedron Publications, are delighted to announce that the Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry for 2009 has been awarded to Professor Steven V. Ley, CBE, FRS, the 1702 BP Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK. Professor Ley has made many seminal contributions to the fields of synthetic organic methodology, chemical technology and complex natural product synthesis, publishing almost 700 research papers to date.

Highlights in the methodology / technology arena include synthetic applications of iron tricarbonyl complexes, the TPAP ruthenium-based catalyst for oxidations (with W. P. Griffith), microbial oxidation procedures, enantioselective organocatalysts, use of 1,2-diacetals, encapsulated reagents, immobilized reagents in multi-step organic synthesis, and flow technology.

In terms of complex natural products, the Ley group have completed well over 120 total syntheses, many utilizing their own methodology. Here major achievements include the synthesis of avermectin B1, azadirachtin, bengazole A, epothilone A, nonactic acid, okadaic acid, rapamycin, spongistatin 1 and thapsigargin.

The Tetrahedron Prize was presented to Professor Ley at the Fall 2010 ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA, USA. The date for the Prize Symposium and presentation of the Award was Monday August 23, 2010