Author Benefits

Authors who publish in Tetrahedron, Tetrahedron Letters, Tetrahedron:Asymmetry, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, and Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters enjoy the following benefits:

Renowned standards of excellence – from peer review through to publication

The Tetrahedron journals are peer reviewed and independently edited by acknowledged experts in organic chemistry, thereby certifying the integrity of the information. Our rigorous publishing process assures excellence not only on the editorial level but in physical production as well. Quality control at all stages of the process guarantees our customers superior publications.

Rapid publication times

Publication times for all five Tetrahedron journals continue to be amongst the fastest in the field, with publication times from acceptance to online publication typically within 5 weeks.

Highly cited titles

The Tetrahedron journals are amongst the most widely cited organic chemistry titles in the world.

Worldwide dissemination through ScienceDirect

Being the world's leading database of scientific information, ScienceDirect offers unparalleled visibility for your research. Accessible by millions of scientists around the world, ScienceDirect has quickly developed a reputation for ease of use, reliability and comprehensiveness. Features and functionality continue to be added to improve still further the service to the reader. ScienceDirect is now accessible in a huge number of institutes and with agreements being made with consortia and even entire countries (eg all institutes in Switzerland now have access), the readership for all the Tetrahedron journals is growing rapidly.

Free use of colour images

Authors may include colour figures in their paper in print and online at no cost to themselves, provided the Editor feels it is scientifically justified.

No page charges

There are no charges to authors for publishing in these titles.

Electronic submission

The online submission system is now well established, offering authors a quick and free way of submitting an article…without ever going near an envelope. Electronic submission also helps to reduce publication times, by eliminating the time your manuscript spends in transit.

Lifetime discount on Elsevier books

Once you have published one article in any Elsevier title, you enjoy a lifetime 25% discount on most Elsevier books ordered directly from us. Simply quote the name of the journal you have published in when you place your order.

Free offprints

Corresponding authors receive 25 free offprints for each paper.

Liberal copyright policy

Elsevier is sensitive to authors' needs. Scientists publishing in Elsevier journals have wide rights to use their works to support their research and teaching. For example, authors can share their articles with colleagues, post them on campus networks and use them electronically for courses. There is neither a charge to authors nor a need to ask permission for these uses. For full details on copyright click here.

A permanent place in a secure archive

Permanent archiving of electronic information and assured access to those archives are essential in scholarly communication. Elsevier is committed to maintaining an active electronic archive of its journals and to providing access to that archive to all subscribers. Independent archives are being established with key libraries internationally, which will provide enduring access in the highly unlikely event of Elsevier no longer being able to fulfil this role.