Top 61 Proposals

We are pleased to announce (in no particular order) the Top 61* Proposals submitted for the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge.

Each of the original 495 proposals received were reviewed by a panel of reviewers. Now the Top 61 proposals will be analyzed and further reviewed by an expert panel of judges, ensuing they address each of the project criteria.

Subsequently the Top 5 proposals will be presented by their authors at the Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference taking place in Berlin, Germany (2-4 April 2016).

NB. There were 61 Top Proposals due to their equal ranking.

Theresa Dankovich

pAge Papers - Cheap water filters for developing countries

Nigel Scrutton

Sustainable bio-propane through novel reactor design

Michael Coto

Photocatalysis for Solar Water Treatment

Maximilian Lackner


Robert Pullar

SOLARCORK: Green H2 Production from Cork-based Ecoceramics

Jeffrey Seay

A Process for Converting Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil in India

Heather Buckley

Tiger Toilets’ Last Mile: Lightweight Structures from Waste

Nory Mulyono

Seaweed Instant Noodle: A Green Solution to Malnutrition

Shakira Hobbs

Sustainable Energy Recovery from Waste for Sittee River

Michael Siegert

CO2 recycling & wastewater treatment by power-to-gas

Martin Thuo

Affordable paper-Based Weather- and bug-Proof Houses

Wenxiang Tang

Mn-Co-O array based monolithic catalysts for removal of VOCs

Chunfang Feng

Wrinkled Graphene Based Oil Absorbent for Oil Spill Clean-up

Jhumur Banerjee

Development of a biorefinery from mango processing waste

Nguyen Kim Nga

Eco-friendly chitosan based materials for dye treatment

Eric Chiang

Sustainable Fertilizer Delivery Systems and Biosorbents

Roya Dastjerdi

Sustainable Air Purifiers to Green Earth;  An environment-fr

Brendan Colón

The Bionic Leaf: A Hybrid Microbial | Water Splitting System

Rachel Codd

Simple water-based purification of essential medicines

Matthew Menkiti

An Integrated Green Energy And Water Supply Solution

Tudoran Cristian

Autonomous noncatalytic used motor oil and biofuel processor

Riccarda Antiochia

Green synthesis of Ag NPs for drinking water purification

Anindya Ghosh Roy

To provide an eco-friendly, low cost clean water solution

Hui Jin

Clean H2 and power generation based on SCWG

Marco Villares


Anantharaj Ramalingam

Ionic Liquids for Removal of Endocrine Disrupts Chemicals

Vito Emanuele Carofiglio

EggPlant - Not Wasting Life

Tushar Maiti

Stress tolerance PGPR for sustainable agriculture

Cíntia Soares

Microchannel photocatalytic system for pollution control

Ratana Mormanee

Green pulping process for fronds oil palm and bamboo waste

Lucian Lucia

BIO-AQUA Water Purification

Godwin Ezinkwo

Biogas and bicatalyst synthesis using indeginous materials

James Sherwood

Sustainable Solvent Selection Service' (S4)

Amandine Guérinot

Iron nanoparticles: a promising sustainable catalyst

Vijay Singh

Cyanobacteria as resource of bioenergy 

Dominga Rogolino

Green antifungals against aflatoxins

Michael Loizides

Tiganokinisi, an educational and innovative framework

Swee-Yong Pung

Wastewater purifier driven by sunlight

Jiahua  Zhu

Scalable Green Processing Porous Adsorbent from Biomass

Luyi Sun

Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardant Nanocoatings

Syazwani Mohd Asharuddin

Development of coagulant aid using starch from cassava peel

Olugbenga Bello

Adsorption of pollutants from waste water

Yunsang Kim

Sustainable Textile Dyeing Using Nanocellulosic Fibers

Vasco Bonifácio


Paul Chirik

Modern Alchemy for Silicone Synthesis

Vera Lúcia  Marques Da Silva

Ohmic Heating in the Biomass Processing

Madeleine Joullie

Integrating Fermentation and Organic Synthesis

Shangzhao Shi

A process for conversion of red mud into high value material

Mahmoud Abouseoud

A Combined Absorption-Enzymatic Scruber For Covs Elimination

Faridah Marsin

Palm oil waste nanoadsorbent for pesticide removal in water

Tomasz Siudyga

Waste polyolefins to production of advanced liquid fuels

Tom Manning

Green Tech Approach to Production of Marine Natural Products

Sydney Plummer

Applications of Green Technology to Artificial Reefs

Banwari Lal

Biobased 2,3-Butane Diol Production from Waste Biomass Sugar

Surasak Siripornadulsil

Arsenic Bioremediation: Safe and Healthy Rice Grains

Jorn Wenger

Catalytic Pyrolysis of Used Tires

Ranjana Jha

Green Quantum Dots Adaptive Solar Cells For Solar Car

Alvin Stern

Efficient, high purity hydrogen generation apparatus

B Bharathiraja

Potential of algal biomass- Azolla

Uttam Tambar

Biomass to Medicine in Rural India

Daniel Joe Dailin

Biopesticide for Improvement of Paddy Yield