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Mathematic journals

Advances in Applied Mathematics

coverCiteScore: 0.93
Impact Factor: 1.008
SNIP: 1.511
SJR: 0.688

Most cited articles

Advances in Mathematics

coverCiteScore: 1.58
Impact Factor: 1.435
SNIP: 1.729
SJR: 2.514

Most cited articles

Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

coverCiteScore: 0.83
Impact Factor: 0.829
SNIP: 1.230
SJR: 1.226

Most cited articles

Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis

coverCiteScore: 3.36
Impact Factor: 2.964
SNIP:  1.974
SJR: 1.317

Most cited articles

Applied Mathematical Modelling

coverCiteScore: 3.36
Impact Factor: 2.841
SNIP: 1.495
SJR: 0.873

Most cited articles

Applied Mathematics and Computation

coverCiteScore: 3.00
Impact Factor: 3.092
SNIP: 1.544
SJR: 0.927

Most cited articles

Applied Mathematics Letters

coverCiteScore: 3.23
Impact Factor: 3.487
SNIP: 1.549
SJR: 1.321

Most cited articles

Bulletin des sciences mathématiques

coverCiteScore: 1.04
Impact Factor: 0.904
SNIP: 0.978
SJR: 0.827

Comptes rendus – Mathématique

coverCiteScore: 0.71
Impact Factor: 0.611
SNIP: 0.746
SJR: 0.7

Computers and Mathematics with Applications

coverCiteScore: 2.64
Impact Factor: 2.811
SNIP: 1.237
SJR: 0.999

Differential Geometry and its Applications

coverCiteScore: 0.68
Impact Factor: 0.605
SNIP: 0.943
SJR: 0.621

Most cited articles

Discrete  Applied Mathematics

coverCiteScore: 1.20
Impact Factor: 0.983
SNIP: 1.263
SJR: 0.815

Most cited articles

Discrete Mathematics

coverCiteScore: 0.81
Impact Factor: 0.728
SNIP: 1.042
SJR: 0.899

Most cited articles

Discrete Optimization

coverCiteScore: 1.04
Impact Factor: 0.815
SNIP: 0.910
SJR: 0.571

Most cited articles

Electronic  Notes in Discrete Mathematics

coverCiteScore: 0.45
SNIP: 0.492
SJR: 0.347

Most cited articles

European Journal of Combinatorics

coverCiteScore: 1.00
Impact Factor: 0.911
SNIP: 1.418
SJR: 1.287

Most cited articles

Expositiones Mathematicae

coverCiteScore: 0.75
Impact Factor: 0.491
SNIP: 1.117
SJR: 0.615

Most cited articles

Finite Fields and Their Applications

coverCiteScore: 1.54
Impact Factor: 1.254
SNIP: 1.550
SJR: 1.073

Most cited articles

Historia Mathematica

coverCiteScore: 0.44
Impact Factor: 0.500
SNIP: 1.077
SJR: 0.177

Most cited articles

Indagationes Mathematicae

coverCiteScore: 0.78
Impact Factor: 0.846
SNIP: 0.914
SJR: 0.483

Most cited articles

Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées

coverCiteScore: 2.33
Impact Factor: 1.961
SNIP: 1.992
SJR: 3.025

Journal of Algebra

coverCiteScore: 0.76
Impact Factor: 0.666
SNIP: 1.176
SJR: 1.137

Most cited articles

Journal of Approximation Theory

coverCiteScore: 1.11
Impact Factor: 1.022
SNIP: 1.260
SJR: 0.839

Most cited articles

Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A

coverCiteScore: 1.12
Impact Factor: 0.958
SNIP: 1.410
SJR: 1.282

Most cited articles

Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B

coverCiteScore: 1.20
Impact Factor: 0.892
SNIP: 1.678
SJR: 1.937

Most cited articles

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

coverCiteScore: 2.15
Impact Factor: 1.883
SNIP: 1.419
SJR: 0.849

Most cited articles

Journal of Differential Equations

coverCiteScore: 2.26
Impact Factor: 1.938
SNIP: 1.710
SJR: 2.352

Most cited articles

Journal of Geometry and Physics

coverCiteScore: 0.76
Impact Factor: 0.806
SNIP: 0.930
SJR: 0.450

Most cited articles

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

coverCiteScore: 1.31
Impact Factor: 1.188
SNIP: 1.187
SJR: 0.966

Most cited articles

Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra

coverCiteScore: 0.79
Impact Factor: 0.797
SNIP: 1.145
SJR: 1.028

Most cited articles

Journal of the Franklin Institute

coverCiteScore: 4.41
Impact Factor: 3.653
SNIP: 1.359
SJR: 1.288

Most cited articles

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

coverCiteScore: 1.13
Impact Factor: 0.977
SNIP: 1.091
SJR: 0.822

Most cited articles

Mathematics and Computers in Simulation

coverCiteScore: 1.88
Impact Factor: 1.409
SNIP: 0.981
SJR: 0.526

Most cited articles

Nonlinear Analysis

coverCiteScore: 1.58
Impact Factor: 1.450
SNIP: 1.257
SJR: 1.697

Most cited articles

Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems

coverCiteScore: 5.94
Impact Factor: 5.266
SNIP: 2.031
SJR: 2.019

Most cited articles

Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications

coverCiteScore: 2.28
Impact Factor: 2.085
SNIP: 1.367
SJR: 1.475

Most cited articles

Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory

coverCiteScore: 3.58
Impact Factor: 2.426
SNIP: 1.894
SJR: 0.726

Most cited articles

Topology and its Applications

coverCiteScore: 0.47
Impact Factor: 0.416
SNIP: 0.837
SJR: 0.574

Most cited articles

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