Article selection: Materials Science in China

Read a selection of high quality research and review papers about China, with topics ranging from materials engineering and biomaterials; to energy materials and ceramics.

China Article Selection

Frame-filling structural nanoporous carbon from amphiphilic carbonaceous mixture comprising graphite oxide
Pan-pan Chang, Kazuki Matsumura, Cheng-yang Wang, Taro Kinumoto, Tomoki Tsumura, Ming-ming Chen, Masahiro Toyoda

Ceramic materials for thermal barrier coatings
X.Q. Cao, R. Vassen, D. Stoever
Journal of the European Ceramic Society

Microstructure and strengthening mechanism of high strength Mg–10Gd–2Y–0.5Zr alloy
S.M. He, X.Q. Zeng, L.M. Peng, X. Gao, J.F. Nie, W.J. Ding
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Graphene-based materials for electrochemical energy storage devices: Opportunities and challenges
Wei Lv, Zhengjie Li, Yaqian Deng, Quan-Hong Yang, Feiyu Kang
Energy Storage Materials

The influence of pH and temperature on the morphology of hydroxyapatite synthesized by hydrothermal method
Jingbing Liu, Xiaoyue Ye, Hao Wang, , Mankang Zhu, Bo Wang, Hui Yan
Ceramics International

Effects of Al addition on structural evolution and tensile properties of the FeCoNiCrMn high-entropy alloy system
J.Y. He, W.H. Liu, H. Wang, Y. Wu, X.J. Liu, T.G. Nieh, Z.P. Lu
Acta Materialia

First-principles study of structural and electronic properties of C14-type Laves phase Al2Zr and Al2Hf
Wen-Cheng Hu, Yong Liu, De-Jiang Li, Xiao-Qin Zeng, Chun-Shui Xu
Computational Materials Science

Recent progress of R&D activities on reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steels
Q. Huang, N. Baluc, Y. Dai, S. Jitsukawa, A. Kimura, J. Konys, R.J. Kurtz, R. Lindau, T. Muroga, G.R. Odette, B. Raj, R.E. Stoller, L. Tan, H. Tanigawa, A.-A.F. Tavassoli, T. Yamamoto, F. Wan, Y. Wu
Journal of Nuclear Materials

Stimulus-responsive shape memory materials: A review
L. Sun, W.M. Huang, Z. Ding, Y. Zhao, C.C. Wang, H. Purnawali, C. Tang
Materials & Design

The sintering mechanism in spark plasma sintering – Proof of the occurrence of spark discharge
Zhao-Hui Zhang, Zhen-Feng Liu, Ji-Fang Lu, Xiang-Bo Shen, Fu-Chi Wang, Yan-Dong Wang
Scripta Materialia

Enhanced antimicrobial properties, cytocompatibility, and corrosion resistance of plasma-modified biodegradable magnesium alloys
Ying Zhao, Mohammed Ibrahim Jamesh, Wing Kan Li, Guosong Wu, Chenxi Wang, Yufeng Zheng, Kelvin W.K. Yeung, Paul K. Chu
Acta Biomaterialia

Graphene fiber: a new trend in carbon fibers
Zhen Xu, Chao Gao
Materials Today

Inorganic nanocarriers for platinum drug delivery
Ping’an Ma, Haihua Xiao, Chunxia Li, Yunlu Dai, Ziyong Cheng, Zhiyao Hou, Jun Lin
Materials Today

Molybdenum disulfide nanomaterials: Structures, properties, synthesis and recent progress on hydrogen evolution reaction
Zuoli He, Wenxiu Que
Applied Materials Today

Novel hetero-bilayered materials for photovoltaics
Jia Zhou
Applied Materials Today

Dual and multi-stimuli responsive polymeric nanoparticles for programmed site-specific drug delivery
Ru Cheng, Fenghua Meng, Chao Deng, Harm-Anton Klok, Zhiyuan Zhong

Metal nanoclusters: New fluorescent probes for sensors and bioimaging
Libing Zhang, Erkang Wang

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