Meet the Editors at #CEST2017 and read related articles

This year’s International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (#CEST2017) aims to present state-of-the-art research and innovative technologies to address local and international critical environmental issues.

On 31st August 2017, editors of Chemical Engineering Journal, Chemosphere, Journal of Hazardous Materials, and Water Research will participate in the Meet the Editors event at the conference.

In support of this event and #CEST2017, the editors have each selected five noteworthy or highly cited articles published in each of the four journals.

Chemical Engineering Journal

Anaerobic co-digestion on improving methane production from mixed microalgae (Scenedesmus sp., Chlorella sp.) and food waste: Kinetic modeling and synergistic impact evaluation
G. Zhen, X. Lu, T. Kobayashi, G. Kumar, K. Xu
Volume 299, September 2016, pp. 332-341

Detection of organophosphorus pesticide – Malathion in environmental samples using peptide and aptamer based nanoprobes
R. Bala, S. Dhingra, M. Kumar, K. Bansal, S. Mittal, R.K. Sharma, N. Wangoo
Volume 311, 1 March 2017, pp. 111–116

Encapsulation of cesium from contaminated water with highly selective facial organic–inorganic mesoporous hybrid adsorbent
Md. R. Awual, Y. Miyazaki, T. Taguchi, H. Shiwaku, T. Yaita
Volume 291, May 2016, pp. 128-137

Precisely controlled fabrication of magnetic 3D γ-Fe2O3@ZnO core-shell photocatalyst with enhanced activity: Ciprofloxacin degradation and mechanism insight
N. Li, J. Zhang, Y. Tian, J. Zhao, J. Zhang, W. Zuo
Volume 308, January 2017, pp. 377-385

Quantitative structure–activity relationship for the apparent rate constants of aromatic contaminants oxidized by ferrate (VI)
T. Ye, Z. Wei, R. Spinney, D.D. Dionysiou, S. Luo, L. Chai, Z. Yang, R. Xiao
Volume 317, June 2017, pp. 258-266


Application of biochar for the removal of pollutants from aqueous solutions
X. Tan, Y. Liu, G. Zeng, X. Wang, X. Hu, Y. Gu, Z. Yang
Volume 125, April 2015, pp. 70-85

Biochar produced from oak sawdust by Lanthanum (La)-involved pyrolysis for adsorption of ammonium (NH4+), nitrate (NO3-), and phosphate (PO43-)
Z. Wang, H. Guo, F. Shen, G. Yang, Y. Zhang, Y. Zeng, L. Wang, H. Xiao, S. Deng
Volume 119, January 2015, pp. 646-653

Chromium-induced physio-chemical and ultrastructural changes in four cultivars of Brassica napus L.
R.A. Gill, L. Zang, B. Ali, M.A. Farooq, P. Cui, S. Yang, S. Ali, W. Zhou
Volume 120, February 2015, pp. 154-164

Engineered nanoparticles and organic matter: A review of the state-of-the-art
R. Grillo, A. H. Rosa, L.F. Fraceto
Volume 119, January 2015, pp. 608-619

Occurrence of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in a sewage treatment plant and its effluent-receiving river
J. Xu, Y. Xu, H. Wang, C. Guo, H. Qiu, Y. He, Y. Zhang, X. Li, W. Meng
Volume 119, January 2015, pp. 1379-1385

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Environmentally relevant approaches to assess nanoparticles ecotoxicity: A review
A. Bour, F. Mouchet, J. Silvestre, L. Gauthier, E. Pinelli
Volume 283, February 2015, pp. 764-777

Novel fungus  bio-nanocomposites as high performance adsorbents for the removal of radionuclides
C. Ding, W. Cheng, Y. Sun, X. Wang
Volume 295, September 2015, pp. 127-137

One-pot approach for synthesis of N-doped TiO2 hybrid as an efficient photocatalyst for degradation of aqueous organic pollutants
Y. Yao, J. Qin, H. Chen, F. Wei, X. Liu, J. Wang, S. Wang
Volume 291, June 2015, pp. 28-37

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) biodegradation potential and diversity of microbial consortia enriched from tsunami sediments in Miyagi, Japan
H.P. Bacosa, C. Inoue
Volume 283, February 2015, pp. 689-697

Removal of hazardous organics from water using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): Plausible mechanisms for selective adsorptions
Z. Hasan, S.H. Jhung
Volume 283, February 2015, pp. 329-339

Water Research

Current state of sludge production, management, treatment and disposal in China
G. Yang, G. Zhang, H. Wang
Volume 78, July 2015, pp. 60-73

Microplastics in freshwater systems: A review of the emerging threats, identification of knowledge gaps and prioritisation of research needs
D. Eerkes-Medrano, R.C. Thompson, D.C. Aldridge
Volume 75, May 2015, pp. 63-82

Occurrence of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in hospital and urban wastewaters and their impact on the receiving river
S. Rodriguez-Mozaz, S. Chamorro, E. Marti, B. Huerta, M. Gros, A. Sànchez-Melsió, C.M. Borrego, D. Barceló, J.L. Balcázar
Volume 69, February 2015, pp. 234-242

Recent developments of zinc oxide based photocatalyst in water treatment technology: A review
K.M. Lee, C.W. Lai, K.S. Ngai, J.C. Juan
Volume 88, January 2016, pp. 428-448

The limitations of applying zero-valent iron technology in contaminants sequestration and the corresponding countermeasures: The development in zero-valent iron technology in the last two decades (1994-2014)
X. Guan, Y. Sun, H. Qin, J. Li, I. M.C. Lo, D. He, H. Dong
Volume 75, May 2015, pp. 224-248