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Fouling in membrane bioreactors: An updated review

Meng F., Zhang S., Oh Y., Zhou Z., Shin H.-S., Chae S.-R.
Water Research 114: 151-180

A review on chitosan-based flocculants and their applications in water treatment

Yang R., Li H., Huang M., Yang H., Li A.
Water Research 95: 59-89

Adsorption of U(VI) on sericite in the presence of Bacillus subtilis: A combined batch, EXAFS and modeling techniques

Sun Y., Zhang R., Ding C., Wang X., Cheng W., Chen C., Wang X.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 180: 51-65

Efficacy of carbonaceous nanocomposites for sorbing ionizable antibiotic sulfamethazine from aqueous solution

Zhang C., Lai C., Zeng G., Huang D., Yang C., Wang Y., Zhou Y., Cheng M.
Water Research 95: 103-112

A global spectral library to characterize the world's soil

Viscarra Rossel R.A., Behrens T., Ben-Dor E., Brown D.J., Demattê J.A.M., Shepherd K.D., Shi Z., Stenberg B., Stevens A., Adamchuk V., Aïchi H., Barthès B.G., Bartholomeus H.M., Bayer A.D., Bernoux M., Böttcher K., Brodský L., Du C.W., Chappell A., Fouad Y., Genot V., Gomez C., Grunwald S., Gubler A., Guerrero C., Hedley C.B., Knadel M., Morrás H.J.M., Nocita M., Ramirez-Lopez L., Roudier P., Campos E.M.R., Sanborn P., Sellitto V.M., Sudduth K.A., Rawlins B.G., Walter C., Winowiecki L.A., Hong S.Y., Ji W.
Earth-Science Reviews 155: 198-230

The influences of iron characteristics, operating conditions and solution chemistry on contaminants removal by zero-valent iron: A review

Sun Y., Li J., Huang T., Guan X.
Water Research 100: 277-295

An overview of preparation and applications of stabilized zero-valent iron nanoparticles for soil and groundwater remediation

Zhao X., Liu W., Cai Z., Han B., Qian T., Zhao D.
Water Research 100: 245-266

The timing of India-Asia collision onset – Facts, theories, controversies

Hu X., Garzanti E., Wang J., Huang W., An W., Webb A.
Earth-Science Reviews 160: 264-299

Triassic southeastward subduction of North China Block to South China Block: Insights from new geological, geophysical and geochemical data

Li S., Jahn B.-M., Zhao S., Dai L., Li X., Suo Y., Guo L., Wang Y., Lan H., Zhou Z., Zheng Q., Wang P.
Earth-Science Reviews 166: 270-285

Enrichment of U-Re-V-Cr-Se and rare earth elements in the Late Permian coals of the Moxinpo Coalfield, Chongqing, China: Genetic implications from geochemical and mineralogical data

Dai S., Xie P., Jia S., Ward C.R., Hower J.C., Yan X., French D.
Ore Geology Reviews 80: 117

Source-to-sink transport processes of fluvial sediments in the South China Sea

Liu Z., Zhao Y., Colin C., Stattegger K., Wiesner M.G., Huh C.-A., Zhang Y., Li X., Sompongchaiyakul P., You C.-F., Huang C.-Y., Liu J.T., Siringan F.P., Le K.P., Sathiamurthy E., Hantoro W.S., Liu J., Tuo S., Zhao S., Zhou S., He Z., Wang Y., Bunsomboonsakul S., Li Y.
Earth-Science Reviews 153: 238-273

A flexible spatiotemporal method for fusing satellite images with different resolutions

Zhu X., Helmer E.H., Gao F., Liu D., Chen J., Lefsky M.A.
Remote Sensing of Environment 172: 165-177

ESA CCI Soil Moisture for improved Earth system understanding: State-of-the art and future directions

Dorigo W., Wagner W., Albergel C., Albrecht F., Balsamo G., Brocca L., Chung D., Ertl M., Forkel M., Gruber A., Haas E., Hamer P.D., Hirschi M., Ikonen J., de Jeu R., Kidd R., Lahoz W., Liu Y.Y., Miralles D., Mistelbauer T., Nicolai-Shaw N., Parinussa R., Pratola C., Reimer C., van der Schalie R., Seneviratne S.I., Smolander T., Lecomte P.
Remote Sensing of Environment 203: 185-215

Spatiotemporal patterns of remotely sensed PM2.5 concentration in China from 1999 to 2011

Peng J., Chen S., Lü H., Liu Y., Wu J.
Remote Sensing of Environment: 174:109-121

Mapping paddy rice planting area in northeastern Asia with Landsat 8 images, phenology-based algorithm and Google Earth Engine

Dong J., Xiao X., Menarguez M.A., Zhang G., Qin Y., Thau D., Biradar C., Moore B., III
Remote Sensing of Environment 185: 142-154

Terrane boundary and spatio-temporal distribution of ore deposits in the Sanjiang Tethyan Orogen: Insights from zircon Hf-isotopic mapping

Wang C., Bagas L., Lu Y., Santosh M., Du B., McCuaig T.C.
Earth-Science Reviews 156: 39-65

Urban thermal environment dynamics and associated landscape pattern factors: A case study in the Beijing metropolitan region

Peng J., Xie P., Liu Y., Ma J.
Remote Sensing of Environment 173: 145-155

Impact of diagenesis on the reservoir quality of tight oil sandstones: The case of Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation Chang 7 oil layers in Ordos Basin, China

Lai J., Wang G., Ran Y., Zhou Z., Cui Y.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 145: 54-65

The collision-type porphyry Mo deposits in Dabie Shan, China

Chen Y.-J., Wang P., Li N., Yang Y.-F., Pirajno F.
Ore Geology Reviews 81: 405-430

Thermochronologic constraints on evolution of the Linglong Metamorphic Core Complex and implications for gold mineralization: A case study from the Xiadian gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China

Yang L.-Q., Deng J., Wang Z.-L., Zhang L., Goldfarb R.J., Yuan W.-M., Weinberg R.F., Zhang R.-Z.
Ore Geology Reviews 72: 165-178

The Mo deposits of Northeast China: A powerful indicator of tectonic settings and associated evolutionary trends

Chen Y.-J., Zhang C., Wang P., Pirajno F., Li N.
Ore Geology Reviews 81: 602-640

Origin and evolution of ore fluid, and gold-deposition processes at the giant Taishang gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China

Yang L.-Q., Deng J., Guo L.-N., Wang Z.-L., Li X.-Z., Li J.-L.
Ore Geology Reviews 72: 585-602

Pore throat structure and fractal characteristics of tight oil sandstone: A case study in the Ordos Basin, China

Li P., Zheng M., Bi H., Wu S., Wang X.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 149: 665-674

The mass and heat transfer characteristics of superheated steam coupled with non-condensing gases in perforated horizontal wellbores

Sun F., Yao Y., Li X., Zhao L., Ding G., Zhang X.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 156: 460-467

Sulfur isotopic compositions of individual organosulfur compounds and their genetic links in the Lower Paleozoic petroleum pools of the Tarim Basin, NW China

Cai C., Amrani A., Worden R.H., Xiao Q., Wang T., Gvirtzman Z., Li H., Said-Ahmad W., Jia L.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 182: 88-108

Metasomatism-induced mantle magnesium isotopic heterogeneity: Evidence from pyroxenites

Hu Y., Teng F.-Z., Zhang H.-F., Xiao Y., Su B.-X.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 185: 88-111

A numerical study on the non-isothermal flow characteristics of superheated steam in ground pipelines and vertical wellbores

Sun F., Yao Y., Li X., Li H., Chen G., Sun Z.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 159: 68-75

Evidence of moisture control on the methylation of branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in semi-arid and arid soils

Dang X., Yang H., Naafs B.D.A., Pancost R.D., Xie S.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 189: 24-36

FIB-SEM and X-ray CT characterization of interconnected pores in high-rank coal formed from regional metamorphism

Liu S., Sang S., Wang G., Ma J., Wang X., Wang W., Du Y., Wang T.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 148: 21-31

Diverse origins and pre-depositional histories of organic matter in contemporary Chinese marginal sea sediments

Tao S., Eglinton T.I., Montluçon D.B., McIntyre C., Zhao M.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 191: 70-88