Article selection: Earth Sciences in China

Read a selection of high quality research and review papers about China, with topics including Atmospheric Sciences,  Geology, Geochemistry, Palaeontology & Petroleum Science.

Characteristics of aerosol size distributions and chemical compositions during wintertime pollution episodes in Beijing
Liu Z., Hu B., Zhang J., Yu Y., Wang Y.
Atmospheric Research

A global spectral library to characterize the world's soil (OA)
Viscarra Rossel R.A., Behrens T., Ben-Dor E., Brown D.J., Demattê J.A.M., et al.
Earth-Science Reviews

Source-to-sink transport processes of fluvial sediments in the South China Sea
Liu Z., Zhao Y., Colin C., Stattegger K., Wiesner M.G., Huh C.-A., Zhang Y., et al
Earth-Science Reviews

Microblock amalgamation in the North China Craton: Evidence from Neoarchaean magmatic suite in the western margin of the Jiaoliao Block
Yang Q.-Y., Santosh M., Collins A.S., Teng X.-M.
Gondwana Research

Assembly of the Lhasa and Qiangtang terranes in central Tibet by divergent double subduction
Zhu D.-C., Li S.-M., Cawood P.A., Wang Q., Zhao Z.-D., Liu S.-A., Wang L.-Q.

Fractal/multifractal modeling of geochemical data: A review
Zuo R., Wang J.
Journal of Geochemical Exploration

Contamination, bioaccessibility and human health risk of heavy metals in exposed-lawn soils from 28 urban parks in southern China's largest city, Guangzhou
Gu Y.-G., Gao Y.-P., Lin Q.
Applied Geochemistry

Effects of precipitation and restoration vegetation on soil erosion in a semi-arid environment in the Loess Plateau, China
Zhou J., Fu B., Gao G., Lü Y., Liu Y., Lü N., Wang S.

The behaviors of microplastics in the marine environment
Wang J., Tan Z., Peng J., Qiu Q., Li M.
Marine Environmental Research

A previously undescribed specimen reveals new information on the dentition of Sapeornis chaoyangensis
Wang Y., Hu H., O'Connor J. K., Wang M., Xu X., Zhou Z., Wang X., Zheng X.
Cretaceous Research

Pollen preservation and its potential influence on paleoenvironmental reconstruction in Chinese loess deposits
Zhang W., Lu H., Li C., Dodson J., Meng X.
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology

A review of anomalous rare earth elements and yttrium in coal
Dai S., Graham I.T., Ward C.R.
International Journal of Coal Geology

Nano-scale pore structure and fractal dimension of organic-rich Wufeng-Longmaxi shale from Jiaoshiba area, Sichuan Basin: Investigations using FE-SEM, gas adsorption and helium pycnometry
Yang R., He S., Yi J., Hu Q.
Marine and Petroleum Geology