Most recent open access articles in Computer Science

Context and Knowledge Aware Conversational Model and System Combination for Grounded Response Generation
Tanaka, Ryota | Ozeki, Akihide | Kato, Shugo | Lee, Akinobu
Computer Speech & Language
24th January 2020

Incremental reasoning in probabilistic Signal Temporal Logic
Tiger, Mattias | Heintz, Fredrik
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
24th January 2020

Deep principal dimension encoding for the classification of early neoplasia in Barrett's Esophagus with volumetric laser endomicroscopy
van der Putten, Joost | Struyvenberg, Maarten | de Groof, Jeroen | Scheeve, Thom | Curvers, Wouter | Schoon, Erik | et al.
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics
24th January 2020

Impact of Inductive Current Transformers on Synchrophasor Measurement in Presence of Modulations
D'Avanzo, G. | Delle Femine, A. | Gallo, D. | Landi, C. | Luiso, M.
23rd January 2020

Prediction of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties for Lattice Structures
Munford, Maxwell | Hossain, Umar | Ghouse, Shaaz | Jeffers, Jonathan
Additive Manufacturing
23rd January 2020

Why stop after 20 minutes? Breaks and target prevalence in a 60-minute X-ray baggage screening task
Buser, Daniela | Sterchi, Yanik | Schwaninger, Adrian
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
22nd January 2020

Signed coloring of 2-dimensional grids
Dybizbański, Janusz | Nenca, Anna | Szepietowski, Andrzej
Information Processing Letters
21st January 2020

Towards simulations of long-term behavior of neural networks: Modelling synaptic plasticity of connections within and between human brain regions
Giannakakis, Emmanouil | Han, Cheol E. | Weber, Bernd | Hutchings, Frances | Kaiser, Marcus
21st January 2020

Consistent individual motor variability traits demonstrated by females performing a long-cycle assembly task under conditions differing in temporal organisation
Jackson, Jennie A. | Srinivasan, Divya | Mathiassen, Svend Erik
Applied Ergonomics
21st January 2020

Design thinking for practice-based intervention: Co-producing the change points toolkit to unlock (un)sustainable practices
Hoolohan, Claire | Browne, Alison L.
Design Studies
18th January 2020

The role of AI in capital structure to enhance corporate funding strategies
Eliasy, Ashkan | Przychodzen, Justyna
17th January 2020

Requirement Profiles as a Foundation for customer-centric Ideation in Business-to-Business Markets
Albers, Alexander A. | Tekaat, Julian | Kühn, Dr.-Ing. Arno | Dumitrescu, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman
Procedia CIRP
16th January 2020

Robust output consensus of homogeneous multi-agent systems with negative imaginary dynamics
Skeik, Ola | Lanzon, Alexander
16th January 2020

Counter based suffix tree for DNA pattern repeats
Gobonamang, Tshepo Kitso | Mpoeleng, Dimane
Theoretical Computer Science
15th January 2020

Improving malicious URLs detection via feature engineering: Linear and nonlinear space transformation methods
Li, Tie | Kou, Gang | Peng, Yi
Information Systems
15th January 2020

The L V Prasad Eye Institute: A comprehensive case study of excellent and equitable eye care
Mehta, Mehul C. | Narayanan, Raja | Thomas Aretz, H. | Khanna, Rohit | Rao, Gullapalli N.
14th January 2020

From Cell to Multi-crypt: Agent-based Models of the Human Colon Suggests Novel Processes of Field Cancerisation
Ingham-Dempster, Timothy A. | Rosser, Ria | Corfe, Bernard M. | Walker, Dawn C.
Journal of Computational Science
11th January 2020

The distant Horizon: Investigating the relationship between social sciences academic research and game development
Passarelli, Marcello | Earp, Jeffrey | Dagnino, Francesca Maria | Manganello, Flavio | Persico, Donatella | Pozzi, Francesca | et al.
Entertainment Computing
10th January 2020

Models and an exact method for the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with setups and resources
Fanjul-Peyro, Luis
Expert Systems with Applications: X
10th January 2020

Towards explaining anomalies: A deep Taylor decomposition of one-class models
Kauffmann, Jacob | Müller, Klaus-Robert | Montavon, Grégoire
Pattern Recognition
9th January 2020

Simulation studies of elastic optical networks based on 3-stage Clos switching fabric
Gła̧bowski, Mariusz | Ivanov, Hristo | Leitgeb, Erich | Sobieraj, Maciej | Stasiak, Maciej
Optical Switching and Networking
9th January 2020

Study on the usage feasibility of continuous-wave radar for emotion recognition
Gouveia, Carolina | Tomé, Ana | Barros, Filipa | Soares, Sandra C. | Vieira, José | Pinho, Pedro
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
9th January 2020

On a containerized approach for the dynamic planning and control of a cyber - physical production system
Nikolakis, Nikolaos | Senington, Richard | Sipsas, Konstantinos | Syberfeldt, Anna | Makris, Sotiris
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
8th January 2020

The design and performance of hydrogen-terminated diamond metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors with high k oxide HfO2
Sun, Chi | Hao, Tingting | Li, Junjie | Ye, H.T. | Gu, Changzhi
Micro and Nano Engineering
8th January 2020

A zone-based content pre-caching strategy in vehicular edge networks
Guo, Hui | Rui, Lan-lan | Gao, Zhi-peng
Future Generation Computer Systems
7th January 2020