Most recent open access articles in Computer Science

Correlation between forming quality and spatter dynamics in laser powder bed fusion
Yin, Jie | Wang, Dengzhi | Yang, Liangliang | Wei, Huiliang | Dong, Peng | Ke, Linda | et al.
Additive Manufacturing
19th November 2019

Continuum model for flow diverting stents in 3D patient-specific simulation of intracranial aneurysms
Li, Sha | Chopard, Bastien | Latt, Jonas
Journal of Computational Science
18th November 2019

Design and implementation of SVM OTPC searching based on Shared Dot Product Matrix
Ma, Shang | Cao, Wei | Jiang, Shengqiang | Hu, Jianhao | Lei, Xin | Xiong, Xiongzhong
18th November 2019

A prognostic algorithm to prescribe improvement measures on throughput bottlenecks
Subramaniyan, Mukund | Skoogh, Anders | Sheikh Muhammad, Azam | Bokrantz, Jon | Turanoğlu Bekar, Ebru
Journal of Manufacturing Systems
18th November 2019

Real-time non-photorealistic animation for immersive storytelling in “Age of Sail”
Curtis, Cassidy | Dart, Kevin | Latzko, Theresa | Kahrs, John
Computers & Graphics: X
18th November 2019

Representation and classification of whole-body motion integrated with finger motion
Takano, Wataru | Murakami, Yusuke | Nakamura, Yoshihiko
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
18th November 2019

Trailer control through vehicle yaw moment control: Theoretical analysis and experimental assessment
Zanchetta, Mattia | Tavernini, Davide | Sorniotti, Aldo | Gruber, Patrick | Lenzo, Basilio | Ferrara, Antonella | et al.
18th November 2019

5G Network Slicing using SDN and NFV: A Survey of Taxonomy, Architectures and Future Challenges
Barakabitze, Alcardo Alex | Ahmad, Arslan | Hines, Andrew | Mijumbi, Rashid
Computer Networks
17th November 2019

Atrial Scar Quantification via Multi-scale CNN in the Graph-cuts Framework
Li, Lei | Wu, Fuping | Yang, Guang | Xu, Lingchao | Wong, Tom | Mohiaddin, Raad | et al.
Medical Image Analysis
16th November 2019

Reduced data set for multi-target recognition using compressed sensing frame
Cheng, Xuemin | Dong, Changqing | Ren, Yong | Cheng, Kaichang | Yan, Lei | Hu, Yao | et al.
Pattern Recognition Letters
15th November 2019

Software Trustworthiness Evaluation Model based on a Behaviour Trajectory Matrix
Tian, Junfeng | Guo, Yuhui
Information and Software Technology
15th November 2019

Preference disaggregation for multiple criteria sorting with partial monotonicity constraints: Application to exposure management of nanomaterials
Kadziński, Miłosz | Martyn, Krzysztof | Cinelli, Marco | Słowiński, Roman | Corrente, Salvatore | Greco, Salvatore
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
15th November 2019

Improved GPU near neighbours performance for multi-agent simulations
Chisholm, Robert | Maddock, Steve | Richmond, Paul
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
14th November 2019

Analysis of gate-coupled silicon controlled rectifier on HBM protection under voltage overshoot
Madhusoodhanan, Syam | Sankaralingam, Rajkumar | Boselli, Gianluca | Chen, Zhong
Journal of Electrostatics
14th November 2019

Safety climate and health complaints in the Norwegian aquaculture industry
Kongsvik, Trond | Dahl, Øyvind | Holmen, Ingunn Marie | Thorvaldsen, Trine
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
14th November 2019

A review on neural network models of schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder
Lanillos, Pablo | Oliva, Daniel | Philippsen, Anja | Yamashita, Yuichi | Nagai, Yukie | Cheng, Gordon
Neural Networks
13th November 2019

DL-Droid: Deep Learning Based Android Malware Detection Using Real Devices
Alzaylaee, Mohammed K. | Yerima, Suleiman Y. | Sezer, Sakir
Computers & Security
12th November 2019

Syrian refugee child workers: Gender differences in ergonomic exposures and musculoskeletal health
Habib, R.R. | Ziadee, M. | Abi Younes, E. | Harastani, H.
Applied Ergonomics
12th November 2019

Scale-invariant unconstrained online learning
Kotłowski, Wojciech
Theoretical Computer Science
12th November 2019

Three counterexamples to recent results on finite- and fixed-time convergent controllers and observers
Seeber, Richard
11th November 2019

Validation of a non-contact technique for torque measurements in wind turbines using an enhanced transient FSV approach
Zhang, G. | Zappalá, D. | Crabtree, C. | Donaghy-Spargo, C. | Hogg, S. | Duffy, A.
11th November 2019

Phase reconstruction from amplitude spectrograms based on directional-statistics deep neural networks
Takamichi, Shinnosuke | Saito, Yuki | Takamune, Norihiro | Kitamura, Daichi | Saruwatari, Hiroshi
Signal Processing
11th November 2019

Micro grinding 16MnCr5 hardened steel using micro pencil grinding tools with diameters ∼50μm
Arrabiyeh, Peter A. | Setti, Dinesh | Basten, Stephan | Kirsch, Benjamin | Aurich, Jan C.
CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology
10th November 2019

Personal Information and Public Health: Design Tensions in Sharing and Monitoring Wellbeing in Pregnancy
Doherty, Kevin | Barry, Marguerite | Belisario, José Marcano | Morrison, Cecily | Car, Josip | Doherty, Gavin
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
6th November 2019

Cerebrovascular segmentation from TOF-MRA using model- and data-driven method via sparse labels
Zhang, Baochang | Liu, Shuting | Zhou, Shoujun | Yang, Jian | Wang, Cheng | Li, Na | et al.
6th November 2019