Most recent open access articles in Computer Science

A Heuristic Approach for Load Balancing the FP-Growth Algorithm On MapReduce
Bagui, Sikha | Devulapalli, Keerthi | Coffey, John
8th August 2020

In-situ characterization of the development step of high-resolution e-beam resists
Mpatzaka, T. | Papageorgiou, G. | Papanikolaou, N. | Valamontes, E. | Ganetsos, Th. | Goustouridis, D. | et al.
Micro and Nano Engineering
8th August 2020

A Nonproprietary Language for the Command and Control of Cyber Defenses - OpenC2
Mavroeidis, Vasileios | Brule, Joe
Computers & Security
8th August 2020

Sample greedy gossip distributed Kalman filter
Shin, Hyo-Sang | He, Shaoming | Tsourdos, Antonios
Information Fusion
8th August 2020

A magnetic frequency mixing sensor for mechanical properties measurement of ferromagnetic material
Jiao, Jingpin | Chang, Yu | Li, Guanghai | He, Cunfu | Wu, Bin
Measurement: Sensors
7th August 2020

A framework for assessing self-healing products
Cseke, Akos | Haines-Gadd, Merryn | Mativenga, Paul | Charnley, Fiona
Procedia CIRP
6th August 2020

Thermomechanical analysis of additively manufactured bimetallic tools for hot stamping
Cortina, Magdalena | Arrizubieta, Jon Iñaki | Ruiz, Jose Exequiel | Lamikiz, Aitzol
Journal of Manufacturing Processes
6th August 2020

Absolute sustainability: Challenges to life cycle engineering
Hauschild, Michael Z. | Kara, Sami | Røpke, Inge
CIRP Annals
6th August 2020

Mapping of residual stresses in as-built Inconel 718 fabricated by laser powder bed fusion: A neutron diffraction study of build orientation influence on residual stresses
Pant, Prabhat | Proper, Sebastian | Luzin, Vladimir | Sjöström, Sören | Simonsson, Kjell | Moverare, Johan | et al.
Additive Manufacturing
6th August 2020

High-speed nonlinear model predictive control of an interleaved switching DC/DC-converter
Hausberger, T. | Kugi, A. | Eder, A. | Kemmetmüller, W.
Control Engineering Practice
5th August 2020

Space–time series clustering: Algorithms, taxonomy, and case study on urban smart cities
Belhadi, Asma | Djenouri, Youcef | Nørvåg, Kjetil | Ramampiaro, Heri | Masseglia, Florent | Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
5th August 2020

Fair weather electric field meter for atmospheric science platforms
Harrison, R. Giles | Marlton, Graeme J.
Journal of Electrostatics
5th August 2020

Crossing boundaries: Establishing a framework for researching quality and safety in care transitions
Aase, Karina | Waring, Justin
Applied Ergonomics
4th August 2020

Heuristic-based feature selection for rough set approach
Stańczyk, U. | Zielosko, B.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
4th August 2020

A suboptimality approach to distributed H2 control by dynamic output feedback
Jiao, Junjie | Trentelman, Harry L. | Camlibel, M. Kanat
3rd August 2020

Aggregate Farming in the Cloud: The AFarCloud ECSEL project
Castillejo, Pedro | Johansen, Gorm | Cürüklü, Baran | Bilbao-Arechabala, Sonia | Fresco, Roberto | Martínez-Rodríguez, Belén | et al.
Microprocessors and Microsystems
3rd August 2020

A multi-feature fusion model for Chinese relation extraction with entity sense
Zhang, Jiangying | Hao, Kuangrong | Tang, Xue-song | Cai, Xin | Xiao, Yan | Wang, Tong
Knowledge-Based Systems
3rd August 2020

FinnForest dataset: A forest landscape for visual SLAM
Ali, Ihtisham | Durmush, Ahmed | Suominen, Olli | Yli-Hietanen, Jari | Peltonen, Sari | Collin, Jussi | et al.
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
3rd August 2020

Increasing team ideation by sequencing the task type and content
Meslec, Nicoleta | Graff, Daniel | Clark, Mark A.
Design Studies
1st August 2020

SHREC2020 track: Multi-domain protein shape retrieval challenge
Langenfeld, Florent | Peng, Yuxu | Lai, Yu-Kun | Rosin, Paul L. | Aderinwale, Tunde | Terashi, Genki | et al.
Computers & Graphics
1st August 2020

FRBI suppresses carcinogenesis of uterine cancers by regulating expressions of FHIT, PTEN and ARID1A
Bai, Shengju | Wei, Limin | Bai, Xiaoqiang | Gong, Zhuandi | Yang, Juan | Wei, Suocheng
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
30th July 2020

Circular pattern matching with k mismatches
Charalampopoulos, Panagiotis | Kociumaka, Tomasz | Pissis, Solon P. | Radoszewski, Jakub | Rytter, Wojciech | Straszyński, Juliusz | et al.
Journal of Computer and System Sciences
29th July 2020

Open cross-domain visual search
Thong, William | Mettes, Pascal | Snoek, Cees G.M.
Computer Vision and Image Understanding
29th July 2020

Analysis and multi-objective optimization of slag powder process
Li, Xiaoli | Shen, Shiqi | Yang, Shengxiang | Wang, Kang | Li, Yang
Applied Soft Computing
28th July 2020

Blockchain in healthcare: A systematic literature review, synthesizing framework and future research agenda
Tandon, Anushree | Dhir, Amandeep | Islam, Najmul | Mäntymäki, Matti
Computers in Industry
27th July 2020