Communications, Security, Microelectronics

computer networks

Selection of Computer Communications, Security, Microelectronics journals published by Elsevier.

This cluster consists of journals related to computer networks, data communications and networking. Also, all aspects of theory, design and implementation of devices, circuits, and systems for electronics, communications and security are covered.

Computer Communications

CiteScore: 3.47*
Journal Impact Factor: 2.613**

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Pervasive and Mobile Computing

CiteScore: 3.35*
Journal Impact Factor: 2.974**

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Journal of Network and Computer Applications

CiteScore: 5.13*
Journal Impact Factor: 3.991**

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Nano Communication Networks

CiteScore: 2.15*
Journal Impact Factor: 2.070**

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Optical Switching and Networking

CiteScore: 1.65*
Journal Impact Factor: 1.113**

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Physical Communication

CiteScore: 2.18*
Journal Impact Factor: 1.522**

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Vehicular Communications

CiteScore: 5.47*
Journal Impact Factor: 3.289**

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Computer Science Review

CiteScore: 8.66*

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Microelectronic Engineering

CiteScore: 1.87*
Journal Impact Factor: 2.020**

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*CiteScore: CiteScore measures the average citations received per document published in a journal
**Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2018)