China Platinum Panel for Computer Science: Promoting Computer Science Research in China

Computer Science has a long and illustrious history in China. Elsevier is proud to work with the China Platinum Panel, key opinion leaders in the field of computer science, who work with Elsevier’s Publishing Team to:

  • Promote the scientific achievements and contributions of Chinese researchers in computer science
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of scientific publishing and networking matters
  • Support early career researchers with resources and foster an understanding of scientific publication to enable dissemination of innovative research

China Platinum Panel Members

Diamond Panel

Prof. Zhaohui Wu

Zhejiang University, President, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou

Dean, School of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University, Head, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Standing Deputy Director, National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Founding Director, Institute of Machine Learning and Data Mining (LAMDA), Nanjing University, Director, AI Lab, Department of Computer Science & Technology, Nanjing University, Changjiang Scholar of China Ministry of Education, Fellow of ACM, AAAI, AAAS, IEEE, IAPR, IET/IEE, CCF, CAAI

Prof. Shimin Hu

Tsinghua University, Director of Visible Media Research Center, Changjiang Scholar

Prof. Maosong Sun

Deputy Director, Online Education Research Center, Ministry of Education, Director of the Large-scale Online Open Education Research Center of Tsinghua University

Prof. Hesheng Zhang

Beijing Jiaotong University, Faculty Dean of Electric drive and control, CCF Senior Member

Prof. Yan Ma

BUPT, Director of Information Networks Center, Associate Director of CCF Internet Committee

Prof. Shengjie Zhao

Dean of the School of Software, Tongji University, Professor, Doctoral tutor of Tongji University School of Electronics and Information Engineering, American Alcatel-Lucent Bell Laboratories Technical College Fellow, Deputy Director of the Information Science and Technology Committee of the Experts Association

Gold Panel

Microelectronics and Hardware

China Platinum Panel Awards

Platinum Panel members recognize the best and most innovative research done in China and published over the previous 12 months as part of the annual China Computer Science Awards. These include:

  • Paper of the Year

  • Young Investigator Award

  • Women in Science Award

  • Most Valuable Reviewer Award

Professional Networking and Continuing Education

The China Platinum Panel hosts a series of professional networking and continuing education events to foster connections across computer science and to develop skills for each career researchers as they begin to publish their research. These include networking events during conferences, as well as author and peer-reviewer workshops.


Elsevier Workshop - Introduction to Scholarly Publishing | 26 November 2019, 11:00am-12:00am

RM502, Cao Guang Biao East Building, Zhejiang University(浙江大学玉泉校区曹光彪东楼502室)

  • Speaker: Themis Palpanas, Editor-in-Chief, Big Data Research, Université Paris Descartes

Research and Collaboration in the Era of AI & Big Data | 25 November 2019, 8:15 - 11:35am

Qiushi Hall, Zijingang Hotel, Hangzhou

In Celebration of the Journal of Big Data Research’s 5th Anniversary

Host: Prof. Huajun Chen

  • Speaker 1: Zhaohui Wu (President, Zhejiang University)
  • Speaker 2: Ann Gabriel (Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Networks, Elsevier)
  • Speaker 3: Sarah Jenkins (Publishing Director, Computer Science, Elsevier)
  • Speaker 4: Themis Palpanas, Editor-in-Chief, Big Data Research, Université Paris Descartes

ICICN conference

23-26 April, Macau

  • Invited Speaker, Prof. Ken Grattan, Editor-in-Chief of new OA journal, Measurement: Sensors

Editor workshop | 20 May 2019

Tongji University, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

Editor workshop | 22 May 2019, 10:00 - 11:00

Shanghai University, Department of Computer Science

Editor workshop | 23 May 2019, 10:00 – 11:30

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Author workshop | 24 May 2019, 13:30 – 15:00

Fudan University, School of Information Science and Technology

  • Speaker: Dr. Telli Faez, Publisher, Elsevier

More Information

For more information on the activities of the China Platinum Panel, please contact:
Dr. Telli Faez
Jacqueline Zhu