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Most Cited Paper Award for Vascular Pharmacology Announced

We would like to congratulate the following authors of the winning papers:

Original articles:

Chronic epigallocatechin-gallate improves aortic reactivity of diabetic rats: Underlying mechanisms
Mehrdad Roghani, Tourandokht Baluchnejadmojarad
Vascular Pharmacology 51 (2009) 84–89

Lycopus lucidus inhibits high glucose-induced vascular inflammation in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Yun Jung Lee, Dae Gill Kang, Jin Sook Kim, Ho Sub Lee
Vascular Pharmacology 48 (2008) 38–46

Relaxant effects of danshen aqueous extract and its constituent danshensu on rat coronary artery are mediated by inhibition of calcium channels
Francis Fu Yuen Lam, John Hok Keung Yeung, Kam Ming Chan, Penelope Mei Yu Or
Vascular Pharmacology 46 (2007) 271–277

Review articles:

Angiogenesis and its targeting in rheumatoid arthritis
Zoltán Szekanecz, Alisa E. Koch
Vascular Pharmacology 51 (2009) 1–7

Endothelial nitric oxide (NO) and its pathophysiologic regulation
Anuran Chatterjee, John D. Catravas
Vascular Pharmacology 49 (2008) 134–140

Statins and the endothelium
Masaaki Ii, Douglas W. Losordo
Vascular Pharmacology 46 (2007) 1–9

For this year's award articles published in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 were taken into account, with citations counted throughout 2010. Original research articles and review articles were evaluated as different categories. Data were generated using the Scopus database (

Eighth Annual Focused Issue on Methods in Safety Pharmacology Now Available

It is the eighth in a series, arising from the Annual Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) meeting. The SPS is now in its 10th year as an independent branch of biological sciences (distinct from pharmacology and toxicology) and is the primary forum for driving advances in safety pharmacology. The theme of the meeting and this journal issue is innovation, and the focus is non-clinical safety assessment of new chemical entity (NCEs).  Read now