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Liposomal drug delivery systems: From concept to clinical applications
January 2013 - Theresa M. Allen | Pieter R. Cullis
The first closed bilayer phospholipid systems, called liposomes, were described in 1965 and soon were proposed as drug delivery systems. The pioneering work of countless liposome researchers over almost...

Electrohydrodynamics: A facile technique to fabricate drug delivery systems
5 October 2009 - Syandan Chakraborty | I-Chien Liao | Andrew Adler | Kam W. Leong
Electrospinning and electrospraying are facile electrohydrodynamic fabrication methods that can generate drug delivery systems (DDS) through a one-step process. The nanostructured fiber and particle...

Rectal route in the 21st Century to treat children
30 June 2014 - Vincent Jannin | Gilles Lemagnen | Pascale Gueroult | Denis Larrouture | Catherine Tuleu
The rectal route can be considered a good alternative to the oral route for the paediatric population because these dosage forms are neither to be swallowed nor need to be taste-masked. Rectal forms...

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More Support for Novel Mesothelioma Drug Delivery System

The team at Zagazig University in Egypt and Tokushima University in Japan have developed a fat-based coating for the antifolate drug pemetrexed (Alimta) that may help improve outcomes for patients. Pemetrexed is currently the only drug approved specifically to treat malignant mesothelioma and most patients will receive it at some point. Even so, like most mesothelioma therapies, pemetrexed is only marginally effective, in part because the dose has to be limited to avoid serious side effects.

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