World Pharmacists Day 2018

World Pharmacist Day 2018

As designated in 2009 by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council in Istanbul, September 25th marks the annual World Pharmacists Day. “Pharmacists: Your medicines experts” is the theme of this year’s World Pharmacists Day.

To celebrate it, we have put together a selection of Top Cited Articles for each journal in Pharmaceutical Sciences published in 2017:

Challenges and strategies in anti-cancer nanomedicine development: An industry perspective

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Jennifer I. Hare | Twan Lammers | Marianne B. Ashford | Sanyogitta Puri | Gert Storm | Simon T. Barry

Molecular dynamics-driven drug discovery: leaping forward with confidence

Drug Discovery Today

Ganesan, A. | Coote, M.L.| Barakat, K.

Applying the 3Rs to non-human primate research: Barriers and solutions

Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models

Mark J. Prescott | Jan A. Langermans | Ian Ragan

The production of 3D tumor spheroids for cancer drug discovery

Drug Discovery Today: Technologies

Shilpa Sant | Paul A. Johnston

Influence of the drug distribution in electrospun gliadin fibers on drug-release behavior

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ying Xu | Jiao Jiao Li | Deng Guang Yu | Gareth R. Williams | Jun He Yang | Xia Wang

Polymeric mixed micelles as nanomedicines: Achievements and perspectives

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

Maximiliano Cagel | Fiorella C. Tesan | Ezequiel Bernabeu | Maria J. Salgueiro | Marcela B. Zubillaga | Marcela A. Moretton | Diego A. Chiappetta

Mechanisms of solute release from porous hydrophilic polymers

International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Korsmeyer, R.W.b | Gurny, R.| Doelker, E. | Buri, P. | Peppas, N.A.

Smart chemistry-based nanosized drug delivery systems for systemic applications: A comprehensive review

Journal of Controlled Release

Ramasamy, T. | Ruttala, H.B. | Gupta, B. |Poudel, B.K. | Choi, H.-G. | Yong, C.S. | Kim, J.O.

3D printed oral solid dosage forms containing hydrochlorothiazide for controlled drug delivery

Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology

Christos I. Gioumouxouzis | Orestis L. Katsamenis | Nikolaos Bouropoulos | Dimitrios G. Fatouros