Special Issues

SI: Brain rhythms and dynamic coordination
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Volume 31, pages 1-264 (Publication: April 2015)
Edited by Gyorgy Buzsaki, Walter Freeman

Lasker Award
Hearing Research, Volume 322, pages 1-242 (Publication: April 2015)
Edited by Fan-Gang Zeng, Barbara Canlon

Ocular extracellular matrix: Role in development, homeostasis and disease
Experimental Eye Research, Volume 133, pages 1-140 (Publication: April 2015)
Edited by Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi, W. Matthew Petroll

Brain Computer Interfaces; Tribute to Greg A. Gerhardt
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Volume 244, pages 1-164 (Publication: April 2015)
Edited by Robert E Hampson, Andrzej Cichocki

17th Vitamin D Workshop
The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Volume 148, pages 1-338 (Publication: April 2015)
Edited by JoEllen Welsh, Daniel Bikle, Paul Lips

Perception of Material Properties (Part I)
Vision Research, Volume 109, Part B, pages 123-236 (Publication: April 2015)
Edited by Roland W Fleming, Shin'ya Nishida, Karl R Gegenfurtner

Behavior, Energy Overload and Brain Health: From Science to Society
Ageing Research Reviews, Volume 20, pages 1-98 (Publication: March 2015)
Edited by Dimitrios Kapogiannis

SI: Tribute to Tom Zentall
Behavioural Processes, Volume 112, pages 1-138 (Publication: March 2015)
Edited by Michael Brown

SI: Neuropsychiatry
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Volume 30, pages 1-144 (Publication: February 2015)
Edited by Steven Hyman, Raquel Gur

Proceedings from the inaugural Flux Congress; towards an integrative developmental cognitive neuroscience
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Volume 11, pages 1-174 (Publication: February 2015)
Edited by Bradley Schlaggar, Beatriz Luna - See more at: http://www.elsevier.com/life-sciences/neuroscience/special-issues#sthash.2TfynsWq.dpuf