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Enhanced performance by a hybrid NIRS–EEG brain computer interface
Siamac Fazli, Jan Mehnert, Jens Steinbrink, Gabriel Curio, Arno Villringer, Klaus-Robert Müller, Benjamin Blankertz
Open Access

NeuroImage: Clinical

Most Downloaded Paper:
Brain morphological abnormalities in 49,XXXXY syndrome: A pediatric magnetic resonance imaging study

Jonathan D. Blumenthal, Eva H. Baker, Nancy Raitano Lee, Benjamin Wade, Liv S. Clasen, Rhoshel K. Lenroot, Jay N. Giedd
Open Access

Brain Research

Most Downloaded Paper:
The hippocampus as a spatial map. Preliminary evidence from unit activity in the freely-moving rat

J. O'Keefe, J. Dostrovsky


Most Downloaded Paper:
Dopamine, serotonin and impulsivity

J.W. Dalley, J.P. Roiser
Open Access

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Most Downloaded Paper:
Preliminary findings demonstrating latent effects of early adolescent marijuana use onset on cortical architecture

Francesca M. Filbey, Tim McQueeny, Samuel J. DeWitt, Virendra Mishra
Open Access


Most Downloaded Paper:
Severely deficient autobiographical memory (SDAM) in healthy adults: A new mnemonic syndrome

Daniela J. Palombo, Claude Alain, Hedvig Söderlund, Wayne Khuu, Brian Levine
Open Access

Journal of Neuroscience Methods

Most Downloaded Paper:
DARPA-funded efforts in the development of novel brain–computer interface technologies

Robbin A. Miranda, William D. Casebeer, Amy M. Hein, Jack W. Judy, Eric P. Krotkov, Tracy L. Laabs, Justin E. Manzo, Kent G. Pankratz, Gill A. Pratt, Justin C. Sanchez, Douglas J. Weber, Tracey L. Wheeler, Geoffrey S.F. Ling
Open Access


Most Downloaded Paper:
Endomorphin analog analgesics with reduced abuse liability, respiratory depression, motor impairment, tolerance, and glial activation relative to morphine
James E. Zadina, Mark R. Nilges, Jenny Morgenweck, Xing Zhang, Laszlo Hackler, Melita B. Fasold

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