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Red Biotechnology: Research related to medicine and medical processesThe designing of organisms to manufacture pharmaceutical products like antibiotics and vaccines, the engineering of genetic cures through genomic manipulation, and its use in forensics through DNA profiling.
White biotechnology: Research related to industrial processesIt involves the use of enzymes and organisms for the processing and production of chemicals, materials, and energy including biofuels.
Green biotechnology: Research related to agriculture processesIt involves the use of environmentally-friendly solutions as an alternative to traditional agriculture, horticulture, and animal breeding processes.
Blue biotechnology: Research related to marine and aquatic processesIt involved research on the application of molecular biological methods to marine and freshwater organisms.
Black Biotechnology: Research related to bioterrorismIt Involves research on all aspects of bioterrorism related to military, police, surveillance and counter terrorism.
Grey biotechnology: Research related to the environmentDivided into two areas: biodiversity maintenance and contaminants removal.