Endocrinology highly cited collection

Explore a selection of our most highly cited articles in endocrinology in 2016.

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Effects of diabetes drugs on the skeleton
Christian Meier, Ann V. Schwartz, Andrea Egger, Beata Lecka-Czernik

New insights into the biology of osteocalcin
Meredith L. Zoch, Thomas L. Clemens, Ryan C. Riddle


Bone Reports

Effects of odanacatib on bone matrix mineralization in rhesus monkeys are similar to those of alendronate
Barbara M. Misof, Paul Roschger, Charles Chen, Maureen Pickarski, Phaedra Messmer, Klaus Klaushofer, Le T. Duong

Organ and tissue level properties are more sensitive to age than osteocyte lacunar characteristics in rat cortical bone
Nina Kølln Wittig, Fiona Linnea Bach-Gansmo, Mie Elholm Birkbak, Malene Laugesen, Annemarie Brüel, Jesper Skovhus Thomsen, Henrik Birkedal


Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Update on the Vitamin D and OmegA-3 trial (VITAL)
Aruna D. Pradhan, and JoAnn E. Manson

Steroids and endocrine disruptors - History, recent state of art and open questions
Richard Hampl, Jana Kubátová, and Luboslav Stárka


Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology

Platelets drive smooth muscle metaplasia and fibrogenesis in endometriosis through epithelial-mesenchymal transition and fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transdifferentiation
Qi Zhang, Jie Duan, Xishi Liu, and Sun-Wei Guo

Role of bioactive lipid mediators in obese adipose tissue inflammation and endocrine dysfunction
Aritz Lopategi, Cristina López-Vicario, José Alcaraz-Quiles, Verónica García-Alonso, Bibiana Rius, Esther Titos, and Joan Clària



The effect of bariatric surgery on gastrointestinal and pancreatic peptide hormones
Claire L Meek, Hannah B Lewis, Frank Reimann, Fiona M Gribble, Adrian J Park

Signalling pathways involved in the detection of peptones by murine small intestinal enteroendocrine L-cells
Ramona Pais, Fiona M Gribble, and Frank Reimann


Prostaglandins and Other Lipid Mediators

Oxidized HDL is a potent inducer of adipogenesis and causes activation of the Ang-II and 20-HETE systems in human obese females
Stephen J. Peterson, Luca Vanella, Katherine Gotlinger, Houli Jiang, Shailendra P. Singh, Komal Sodhi, Eamonn Maher, Kathleen O’Hanlon, Joseph I. Shapiro, Nader G. Abraham

Role of leukotrienes in diabetic retinopathy
Tapan Behl, Ishneet Kaur, Anita Kotwani



Not lost in translation: Emerging clinical importance of the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor GPER
Matthias Barton

Licorice root components in dietary supplements are selective estrogen receptor modulators with a spectrum of estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activities
Nittaya Boonmuen, Ping Gong, Zulfiqar Ali, Amar G. Chittiboyina, Ikhlas Khan, Daniel R. Doerge, William G. Helferich, Kathryn E. Carlson, Teresa Martin, Pawinee Piyachaturawat, John A. Katzenellenbogen, Benita S. Katzenellenbogen