Animal Models in Liver Disease
Edited by Peter Fickert, Martin Wagner
Last update 1 May 2019

Reproduction, Parental Health and the Offspring (BBA Collection)
A BBA collection curated by Scientific Editor Angela Schena, PhD
Last update 9 April 2019

The power of metabolism: Linking energy supply and demand to contractile function
Edited by Torsten Doenst, Michael Schwarzer, Christine Des Rosiers, Jan F.C. Glatz
Last update 1 April 2019

mRNA modifications in gene expression control
Edited by Matthias Soller, Rupert Fray
Last update March 2019

Brown and Beige Fat: From Molecules to Physiology
Edited by Paul Cohen
Last update January 2019

Protein Phosphatases as Critical Regulators for Cellular Homeostasis
Edited by Peter Ruvolo, Veerle Janssens
Last update January 2019

Electrophoresis in Proteomics
Edited by Tadashi Kondo
Last update January 2019

Physiological Enzymology and Protein Functions
Edited by Anthony Berdis, Irene Lee
Last update 4 December 2018

Calcium signaling in health, disease and therapy
Edited by Geert Bultynck, Jan Parys
Last update November 2018

Selenium research in biochemistry and biophysics - 200 year anniversary issue
Edited by Elias Arnér, Regina Brigelius-Flohé
Last update November 2018

Emergence of Complex Behavior in Biomembranes
Edited by Marjorie L. Longo
Last update October 2018

Protein Aggregation and Misfolding at the Cell Membrane Interface
Edited by Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy
Last update September 2018

20th European Bioenergetics Conference
Edited by László Zimányi, László Tretter
Last update September 2018

Cancer metabolism
Edited by Chi Van Dang
Last update August 2018

D-Amino acids: biology in the mirror
Edited by Loredano Pollegioni, Jean-Pierre Mothet, Molla Gianluca
Last update July 2018