50th anniversary of the Otto Warburg Medal – half a century of recognising outstanding research

A big thank you to everybody that attended this year's Molecular Life Sciences meeting in Frankfurt, it was great to meet and talk with so many passionate students, researchers and academics.Frankfurt, 3rd October, 2013

– On the Day of German Unity, the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) awarded the Otto Warburg Medal in its 50th year. The medal was awarded to

Prof. Randy W. Schekman, an American researcher of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley. The medal is internationally recognised and is considered the highest German award in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Professor Schekman received the award for his research on the regulation of protein transport processes in cells. He was able to demonstrate that disturbances in these processes are the cause of several genetic diseases and other genetic defects.

Elsevier and BBA are privileged to be the exclusive sponsor of the OWM award, with Angelika Lex, Vice President of Academic Relations at Elsevier, on hand to give a talk at the ceremony, emphasised: "Recognition of scientific achievements particularly serves to inspire the next generation of researchers, which is very important to us. Our cooperation with GBM enables us to accomplish this."

Following this great accomplishment on 7th October 2013, it was revealed Prof. Schekman, had also been awarded the Noble Prize, for his work.  This is an amazing achievement and all involved with Elsevier and BBA wish to congratulation Prof. Schekman and to recognise his and other Noble prize winners research we have created the following tribute page.

Nobel Prize page

Otto-Warburg medal