April 2018

Beyond the Structure-Function Horizon of Membrane Proteins

Edited by Ute A. Hellmich, Rupak Doshi, Benjamin McIlwain

Cholangiocytes in Health and Disease: From Basic Science to Novel Treatments

Edited by Jesus M. Banales, Marco Marzioni, Nicholas F. LaRusso, Peter Jansen

February 2018

Biophysical Exploration of Dynamical Ordering of Biomolecular Systems

Edited by Koichi Kato

January 2018

Cytochrome P450 biodiversity and biotechnology

Edited by Erika Plettner, Gianfranco Gilardi, Luet Wong, Vlada Urlacher, Jared Goldstone

Gap Junction Proteins

Edited by Jean Claude Hervé

November 2017

Biophysics in Canada

Edited by John Baenziger, Lewis Kay, Albert Berghuis, Peter Tieleman

Biochemistry of Synthetic Biology - Recent Developments

Edited by Ilka Heinemann, Patrick O'Donoghue

Bacterial Lipids

Edited by Russell E. Bishop

Matrix Metalloproteinases

Edited by Rafael Fridman

Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology

Edited by Stefan Rose-John

October 2017

Recent Advances in Lipid Droplet Biology

Edited by Rosalind A. Coleman, Matthijs K.C. Hesselink


Edited by Kenji Kadomatsu, Hiroshi Kitagawa

Immune and Metabolic Alterations in Trauma and Sepsis

Edited by Raghavan Raju

Melanocortin Receptors

Edited by Ya-Xiong Tao

September 2017

Membrane Contact Sites

Edited by Benoît Kornmann, Christian Ungermann

Interactions between membrane receptors in cellular membranes

Edited by Kalina Hristova

Membrane Lipid Therapy: Drugs Targeting Biomembranes

Edited by Pablo V. Escribá

August 2017

Lipidomics Opinion Articles

Edited by Sepp D. Kohlwein

Mitochondria in Cancer

Edited by Giuseppe Gasparre, Rodrigue Rossignol, Pierre Sonveaux

Genetic and epigenetic control of heart failure

Edited by Jun Ren, Megan Yingmei Zhang

July 2017

MALDI Imaging

Edited by Corinna Henkel, Peter Hoffmann

June 2017

14th European Symposium on Calcium

Edited by Jacques Haiech, Claus W. Heizmann, Joachim Krebs

Recent Advances in Bionanomaterials

Edited by Marie-Louise Saboungi, Samuel Bader

May 2017


Edited by Concetta Giancola, Daniela Montesarchio

Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Quality in Diabetes/Obesity and Critical Illness Spectrum of Diseases

Edited by Hemachandra Reddy

Nuclear Factor Y in Development and Disease

Edited by Roberto Mantovani

April 2017

Lipid modification and lipid peroxidation products in innate immunity and inflammation

Edited by Christoph J. Binder

Lipid order/lipid defects and lipid-control of protein activity

Edited by Dirk Schneider

Evolutionary principles - heterogeneity in cancer?

Edited by Robert. A Gatenby

January 2017

Science for Life – Recent Advances in Biochemical and Biophysical Methods

Edited by Austen Angell, Salvatore Magazù, Federica Migliardo

Plant Gene Regulatory Mechanisms and Networks

Edited by Erich Grotewold, Nathan Springer

Lipids of Mitochondria

Edited by Guenther Daum