Wastewater – a research selection for World Water Day 2017

Over 20 papers on “wastewater”, all freely available on ScienceDirect

The UN World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is “…about taking action to tackle the water crisis. Today, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home, spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources, and coping with the health impacts of using contaminated water.” Read more.

The 2017 World Water Day theme of wastewater is about reducing and reusing wastewater.  This theme touches on a number of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Life Below Water.

We have selected over 20 papers from Elsevier-published journals on the theme of wastewater.  The articles (excluding the open access papers) are free to access on ScienceDirect until March 10, 2018. Simply click on the article titles below:

The limitations of applying zero-valent iron technology in contaminants sequestration and the corresponding countermeasures: The development in zero-valent iron technology in the last two decades (1994-2014)

Water Research (May 2015)
Guan X., Sun Y., Qin H., Li J., Lo I.M.C., He D., Dong H.

Occurrence of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in hospital and urban wastewaters and their impact on the receiving river

Water Research (February 2015)
Rodriguez-Mozaz S., Chamorro S., Marti E., Huerta B., Gros M., Sànchez-Melsió A., Borrego C.M., Barceló D., Balcázar J.L.

Recent developments of zinc oxide based photocatalyst in water treatment technology: A review

Water Research (January 2016)
Lee K.M., Lai C.W., Ngai K.S., Juan J.C.

Emerging desalination technologies for water treatment: A critical review

Water Research (May 2015)
Subramani A., Jacangelo J.G.

Assessing the impact of full cost recovery of water services on European households

Water Resources and Economics (April 2016)
Reynaud A.

Cultivation of algae consortium in a dairy farm wastewater for biodiesel production (Open access)

Water Resources and Industry (June 2015)
Hena S., Fatimah S., Tabassum S.

Multicomponent isotherm for biosorption of Zn(II), CO(II) and Cd(II) from ternary mixture onto pretreated dried Aspergillus niger biomass (Open access)

Water Resources and Industry (September 2015)
Hajahmadi Z., Younesi H., Bahramifar N., Khakpour H., Pirzadeh K.

Investigation of the geochemical evolution of groundwater under agricultural land: A case study in northeastern Mexico (Open access)

Journal of Hydrology (February 2015)
Ledesma-Ruiz R., Pastén-Zapata E., Parra R., Harter T., Mahlknecht J.

A surrogate model for simulation-optimization of aquifer systems subjected to seawater intrusion

Journal of Hydrology (April 2015)
Hussain M.S., Javadi A.A., Ahangar-Asr A., Farmani R.

Effect of land use and groundwater flow path on submarine groundwater discharge nutrient flux (Open access)

Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies (November 2015)
Bishop J.M., Glenn C.R., Amato D.W., Dulai H.

Societal, land cover and climatic controls on river nutrient flows into the Baltic Sea (Open access)

Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies (July 2014)
Rémon Saaltinka, Ype van der Veldeb, Stefan C. Dekkera, Steve W. Lyonc, Helen E. Dahlkee

Modelling the impacts of global change on concentrations of Escherichia coli in an urban river

Advances in Water Resources (October 2016)
Isabelle Jalliffier-Verne, et al

In situ synthesis of In2S3 at MIL-125(Ti) core-shell microparticle for the removal of tetracycline from wastewater by integrated adsorption and visible-light-driven photocatalysis

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (June 2016)
Hou Wang, et al

Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes for toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene removal from aqueous solution

Chemosphere (March 2016)
Fei Yu, Jie Ma, Juan Wang, Mingzheng Zhang, Jie Zheng

Integration of nanofiltration and bipolar electrodialysis for valorization of seawater desalination brines: Production of drinking and waste water treatment chemicals

Desalination (March 2016)
M. Reig, S. Casas, O. Gibert, C. Valderrama, J.L. Cortina

Potential of using green adsorbent of heavy metal removal from aqueous solutions: Adsorption kinetics, isotherm, thermodynamic, mechanism and economic analysis

Ecological Engineering (June 2016)
Rehab M. Ali, Hesham A. Hamad, Mohamed M. Hussein, Gihan F. Malash

Biotransformation of trace organic chemicals during groundwater recharge: How useful are first-order rate constants?

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology (August 2015)
J. Regnery, A.D. Wing, M. Alidina, J.E. Drewes

Spatial distribution and migration of nonylphenol in groundwater following long-term wastewater irrigation

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology (June-July 2015)
Shiyu Wang, Wenyong Wua, Fei Liu, Shiyang Yin, Zhe Bao, Honglu Liu

A review on Fenton-like processes for organic wastewater treatment

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (March 2016)
Nannan Wang, Tong Zheng, Guangshan Zhang, Peng Wang

A comprehensive review of hybrid forward osmosis systems: Performance, applications and future prospects

Journal of Membrane Science (January 2016)
Laura Chekli, et al

Experimental investigation and artificial neural networks ANNs modeling of electrically-enhanced membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment

Journal of Water Process Engineering (June 2016)
A. Giwa, S. Daer, I. Ahmed, P.R. Marpu, S.W. Hasan

Combined electrocoagulation and UV-based sulfate radical oxidation processes for treatment of pulp and paper wastewater

Process Safety and Environmental Protection (July 2016)
Nemat Jaafarzadeh, Maryam Omidinasab, Farshid Ghanbari

Seasonal occurrence, removal, mass loading and environmental risk assessment of 55 pharmaceuticals and personal care products in a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Central Greece

Science of the Total Environment (February 2016)
Myrsini Papageorgiou, Christina Kosma, Dimitra Lambropoulou

Enhanced separation performance of coal-based carbon membranes coupled with an electric field for oily wastewater treatment

Separation and Purification Technology (August 2016)
Chen Li, Chengwen Song, Ping Tao, Menghan Sun, Zonglin Pan, Tonghua Wang, Mihua Shao

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