Article Selection: Interactive features in Ocean and Marine Science articles

Elsevier journals offer authors and readers many innovative and interactive options to enrich their scientific article as well as the reader’s experience on ScienceDirect.  The content innovation initiative enables scientists to disseminate their research in its full digital richness, for maximum impact.

This selection of articles from across our Oceanography and Marine Biology journals show the use of these content innovations in action by our authors. We hope you will enjoy reading them and consider adding value to your next paper online through content innovation.

Actin, actin-related proteins and profilin in diatoms: A comparative genomic analysis
Marine Genomics
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Spatio-temporal distribution patterns of Mediterranean cold-water corals (Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata) during the past 14,000 years
Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research papers
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Do echinoderm genomes measure up?
Marine Genomics
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Measuring bioavailable PAHs in estuarine water using semipermeable membrane devices with performance reference compounds
Marine Pollution Bulletin
Assessment of trawlable and untrawlable seafloor using multibeam-derived metrics
Methods in Oceanography
First observation on neustonic plastics in waters off NW Spain (spring 2013 and 2014)
Marine Environmental Research
An effective procedure for EUNIS and Natura 2000 habitat type mapping in estuarine ecosystems integrating ecological knowledge and remote sensing analysis
Ocean & Coastal Management
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Identification of genes involved in reproduction and lipid pathway metabolism in wild and domesticated shrimps
Marine Genomics
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New insight into particulate mineral and organic matter in coastal ocean waters through optical inversion
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
Internal waves on the upstream side of a large sill of the Mascarene Ridge: a comprehensive view of their generation mechanisms and evolution
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
TOC and satellite-sensed chlorophyll and primary production at the Arctic Front in the Nordic Seas
Journal of Marine Systems
Continuous underway measurements of dimethyl sulfide in seawater by purge and trap gas chromatography coupled with pulsed flame photometric detection
Marine Chemistry
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