Water use efficiency in agriculture

Based on data analysis of the agronomy subject area and its related journals and the rise in Chinese research in this field in recent years, we selected 'water use efficiency in agriculture' as a theme for this article collection, and selected the highest cited articles of more than 30 Chinese authors in recent years. We trust that this article collection is a selection of quality articles to readers, and with the collection we hope to promote the research and progress in this field.

These articles are freely available until end of February 2019.

Improving agricultural water productivity to ensure food security in China under changing environment: From research to practice

Kang S., Hao X., Du T., Tong L., Su X., Lu H., Li X., Huo Z., Li S., Ding R.2017, Agricultural Water Management 179, 5-17

Quantification of biochar effects on soil hydrological properties using meta-analysis of literature data

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Effects of straw incorporation on the soil nutrient contents, enzyme activities, and crop yield in a semiarid region of China

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Efficacy of planting date adjustment as a cultivation strategy to cope with drought stress and increase rainfed maize yield and water-use efficiency

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An Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process Method for the evaluation of agricultural water management in irrigation districts of north China

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Evaluation on the responses of maize (Zea mays L.) growth, yield and water use efficiency to drip irrigation water under mulch condition in the Hetao irrigation District of China

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Improved water use efficiency and fruit quality of greenhouse crops under regulated deficit irrigation in northwest China

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Analysis of streamflow responses to climate variability and land use change in the Loess Plateau region of China

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Comparison of ET partitioning and crop coefficients between partial plastic mulched and non-mulched maize fields

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Ecological intensification management of maize in northeast China: Agronomic and environmental response

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Ridge–furrow mulched with plastic film increases little in carbon dioxide efflux but much significant in biomass in a semiarid rainfed farming system

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Intercropping and agroforestry in China – Current state and trends

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Towards the highly effective use of precipitation by ridge-furrow with plastic film mulching instead of relying on irrigation resources in a dry semi-humid area

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Intercropping maize and wheat with conservation agriculture principles improves water harvesting and reduces carbon emissions in dry areas

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Uncertainty of wheat water use: Simulated patterns and sensitivity to temperature and CO2

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Sensitivity of soil water retention and availability to biochar addition in rainfed semi-arid farmland during a three-year field experiment

Xiao Q., Zhu L.-X., Shen Y.-F., Li S.-Q.2016, Field Crops Research 196, (284-293)

Effects of different soil conservation tillage approaches on soil nutrients, water use and wheat-maize yield in rainfed dry-land regions of North China

Shao Y., Xie Y., Wang C., Yue J., Yao Y., Li X., Liu W., Zhu Y., Guo T.2016, European Journal of Agronomy 81, 37-45

Modeling crop water consumption and water productivity in the middle reaches of Heihe River Basin

Li J., Zhu T., Mao X., Adeloye A.J.2016, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 123, 242-255)

Optimising crop production and nitrate leaching in China: Measured and simulated effects of straw incorporation and nitrogen fertilization

Manevski K., Børgesen C.D., Li X., Andersen M.N., Zhang X., Abrahamsen P., Hu C., Hansen S.2016, European Journal of Agronomy 80 , 32-44

Ridge–furrow with plastic film mulching practice improves maize productivity and resource use efficiency under the wheat–maize double–cropping system in dry semi–humid areas

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Technologies and theoretical basis of light and simplified cotton cultivation in China

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Optimizing water use efficiency and economic return of super high yield spring maize under drip irrigation and plastic mulching in arid areas of China

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Development of an irrigation scheduling software based on model predicted crop water stress

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Global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of nitrate leaching and crop yield simulation under different water and nitrogen management practices

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Biochar helps enhance maize productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions under balanced fertilization in a rainfed low fertility inceptisol

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Distribution of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in anaerobic digestion and land application of swine wastewater

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Effects of virtual water flow on regional water resources stress: A case study of grain in China

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Volatile fatty acids (VFAs) production from swine manure through short-term dry anaerobic digestion and its separation from nitrogen and phosphorus resources in the digestate

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Sustainability assessment of regional water resources under the DPSIR framework

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Agricultural water supply/demand changes under projected future climate change in the arid region of northwestern China

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A comprehensive analysis of blue water scarcity from the production, consumption, and water transfer perspectives

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Nitrogen transformations in aquaponic systems: A review

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Phosphorus flow management of cropping system in Huainan, China, 1990-2012

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Growing water scarcity, food security and government responses in China

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