Current Plant Biology

Article submission is now open! More info:

We are very proud to let you know that a new Open Access title, Current Plant Biology is about to open for article submissions. This new journal will be focusing on interdisciplinary research in fundamental plant sciences and will publish original research papers, reviews and method papers. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Steve Briggs (Section of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California San Diego). Professor Kathleen Marchal (Dept. of Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, University of Ghent; Dept. of Microbial and Molecular Systems, K.U. Leuven) is appointed as Associate Editor.

The journal will cover fields such as:

  • plant developmental biology
  • systems biology
  • cell biology
  • genetics
  • mathematical modelling
  • plant-microbe interactions
  • disease
  • proteomics
  • biochemistry
  • bioinformatics research
  • data analysis methods

Authors publishing in the journal will benefit from:

  • Interdisciplinary research: This is a driver for novel developments, and the journal will welcome papers that combine fundamental plant sciences with other disciplines.
  • Requires data deposition: Data deposition is beneficial to interdisciplinary research, which often requires new computational collaborations. In addition, duplicate projects are avoided when scientists store and share their data publicly, and this speeds up the progress of science.
  • High review and publication speed: The journal will aim for a first decision within four weeks of submission.
  • Flexibility in manuscript formatting: Formatting rules for the manuscripts will only be enforced in later stages of the publication process, not at submission.
  • Double-blind peer review: This will avoid bias in the review process, and help the reviewers to be more impartial to the science presented.
  • Open Access: To improve accessibility for researchers at any location, as well as the general public, the journal will be Open Access.