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Elsevier ClinicalKey individual and small practice users terms and conditions

The parties hereto agree as follows:

  1. Products.  Elsevier hereby grants to Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to access and use ClinicalKey (“ClinicalKey”) content and functionality as from the date of the online order form page (“Order Form Page”) on [] including ongoing updates to then-existing content, and any ongoing enhancements to then-current functionality(“Subscriptions”) and provide the Subscriptionsto its Authorized Users (as defined herein) subject to the terms and conditions of the Elsevier Website Terms & Conditions on [], which is incorporated in this agreement by reference.  The Subscriptions are “Products” (as defined in the Elsevier Website Terms and Conditions).
  2. Authorized Users/Site.

    Authorized users are the named purchaser of the subscription as well as any additional named licensees who are employees of the primary purchaser. All authorized users must have their own paid access credentials.

  3. Authorized Uses.  Each Authorized User may:
    • access, search, browse and view the Subscriptions;
    • incorporate links to the Subscriptions on Client’s intranet and internet websites provided that the appearance of such links and/or statements accompanying such links will be changed as reasonably requested by Elsevier;

  4. print out single copies of patient education handout sheets;
  5. pull figures, images, and tables from ClinicalKey into the ClinicalKey Presentation MakerTM for use in the creation of internal or external presentations and for training purposes, by or for the benefit of Client provided that the Authorized User obtains permission for such use of ClinicalKey content that is credited to a third-party, from such third-party, if necessary; each copy of the presentation will carry appropriate credit to the content owner; and all such uses are non-commercial;
    • provide print or electronic copies of individual items from ClinicalKey (a) to governmental regulatory authorities for purposes of submitting applications for regulatory approval, trademarks or patents respecting Client’s products or services; (b) when required by law for use in legal proceedings; (c) to the individuals who are independent contractors or are employed by independent contractors of Client without access to its network provided that (i) the copies will be used only for the purposes of the contracted work for Client; (ii) the recipients are prohibited to distribute or disseminate copies online; and (iii) at the termination of the contracted work, the copies will be destroyed;
    • display or provide print or electronic copies of individual items from ClinicalKey for the purposes of internal promotion and testing of ClinicalKey and training groups of Authorized Users.
  6. Access to Subscriptions.  Elsevier will make the Subscriptions accessible to Authorized Users using the Individual Access Credentials set forth above in Section 1 or as may be otherwise set forth herein.

  7. Authentication.  Access to the Subscriptions will be authenticated by the use of Individual Access Credentials
  8. Fees.  Client shall pay to Elsevier the Fees set forth on the Order Form Page pursuant to the terms and conditions indicated therein.

  9. Refund Policy.

Monthly subscriptions are not eligible for refunds. Annual subscriptions are eligible for a full refund within the first 14 days of purchase, if no pdf files were downloaded within such 14 days period

Updated 01 October 2018