Women and Birth

Journal of the Australian College of Midwives (ACM)

Women and Birth publishes on all matters that affect women and birth, from pre-conceptual counselling, through pregnancy, birth, and the first six weeks postnatal. All papers accepted will draw from and contribute to the relevant contemporary research, policy and/or theoretical literature.  We seek research papers, quality assurances papers (with ethical approval) discussion papers, clinical practice papers, case studies and original literature reviews.

Our women-centred focus is inclusive of the family, fetus and newborn, both well and ill, and covers both normal and abnormal pregnancies and births. The journal seeks papers that take a women-centred focus on maternity services, epidemiology, primary health care, reproductive psycho/physiology, midwifery practice, theory, research, education, management and leadership. We also seek relevant papers on maternal mental health and neonatal well-being, natural and complementary therapies, local, national and international policy, management, politics, economics and societal and cultural issues as they affect childbearing women and their families. Topics may include, where appropriate, neonatal care, child and family health, women’s health, related to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum, including lactation. Papers from academics and health professionals from fields outside of midwifery are encouraged. Wherever possible, articles are double blind peer-reviewed by experts in the field of the submitted work.

Articles are double-blind peer-reviewed by experts in the field of the submitted work. The journal is indexed in PubMed, MEDLINE, Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS, CINAHL, and ScienceDirect.

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Editor-in-Chief: Professor Kathleen Fahy, Ph.D., FACM

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