B. Sherry

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    Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, North Carolina State University, 4700 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, North Carolina, NC 27606, USA

  • Barbara Sherry earned her bachelor’s degree at Brown University and her Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and continued as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School. She is currently a Professor of Virology at North Carolina State University. She is an Editor for Virology and Section Editor for PLoS Pathogens, is currently the President of the American Society for Virology (2012-13), and has served on multiple NIH study sections. Dr. Sherry studies reovirus-induced murine myocarditis as a model for this important human disease, and has found that the innate interferon response is cell type-specific in the heart and is an important determinant of protection against cardiac damage. Her expertise includes RNA viruses, the Type I interferon response and related signal transduction pathways, and cell type-specific responses to viral infection.