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    Transportation Research Parts A, B, C and D (Combined Subscription)

    The Transportation Research package is tailored to meet the needs of both the specialist and the interdisciplinary team working to solve the problems of transport now and into the future.

    By streaming the papers into four separate but editorially linked journals Transportation Research achieves both flexibility and comprehensiveness without duplication. The four broad subject areas covered by the different parts of Transportation Research can be obtained as a set, individually, or in any combination to suit your requirements:

    Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice: Design - Evaluation - Management - Physical Environment Planning - Policy Analysis - Political & Socio-Economic Environment

    Transportation Research Part B: Methodological: Control & Scheduling - Demand Analysis - Design & Analysis - Economic Theory - Operations Planning - Optimization - Queuing Theory - Traffic Assignment - Traffic Flow Models - Trip Distribution

    Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies: Emerging Technologies for all Modes - Intelligent Transportation Systems - Adaptive Control & Real-Time Operations - Sensors & Detection Systems - Infrastructure Applications of Emerging Technologies

    Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment: Pollution - Recycling - Land Use - Energy Use - Alternative Fuels - Transport of Hazardous Materials - Environmental Implications of Transport - Safety Measures - Policy Tradeoffs - Mode Substitution/Complementarity

    The complete set forms a cohesive and comprehensive reference of current research in transportation science.

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