Toxicology Reports

An Open Access Journal

Toxicology Reports is dedicated to all aspects of toxicology research and clinical sciences. The journal strives to provide a forum for original research papers pertaining to, but not limited to, the following subjects:

  • Adverse effects of xenobiotics on the health of humans and animals
  • Influence of diseases in humans or model animals on chemically induced toxicity
  • Toxicity of natural products and traditional medicines
  • Clinical case reports involving exposure to toxins
  • Computational and predictive toxicology
  • Environmental and occupational exposure to toxins
  • Other areas of toxicological research

Toxicology Reports encourages the submission of novel manuscripts that present a reasonable level of analysis, functional relevance and/or mechanistic insight. Toxicology Reports also welcomes papers that are predominantly descriptive but improve the essential basis of knowledge for subsequent studies, or provide important confirmation of recently published findings. The primary criteria for acceptance are that the work is original and scientifically sound.

Editor-in-Chief Aristidis M. Tsatsakis

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 2214-7500