Guide for Authors

Space Research Today (SRT) is the COSPAR information bulletin, the publication to which you would want to turn in order to keep up to date on COSPAR matters and on space activities world-wide. It is a mechanism to communicate with your colleagues in the COSPAR Scientific Commissions and the wider space research community, especially with regard to issues relating to the life and activities of COSPAR. To that end, it could not be easier to publish in this journal.

Anyone may submit an article or news item to SRT and, in the spirit of a bulletin publication; we aim to be as flexible as possible in the submission process.
Submissions should be written in English, and submitted by e-mail to any member of the Editorial Team (see inside front cover or the Space Research Today Editorial Board webpage for contact details). Submissions may be made in the following formats:

  • E-mail text (especially appropriate for short news or information items)
  • Word files with embedded images (in colour or greyscale)

Other formats can be considered; please contact the editorial team with your request.
Deadlines: 1 February for the April issue, 1 June for the August issue, and 1 October for the December issue.

We will always be pleased to receive the following types of inputs or submissions, among others:

  • Research Highlight articles - generally substantial, current review articles that will be of interest to the general space community, of over five pages (ca. 1200-1500 words with figures and images which may be in colour). These submissions should include a brief, one paragraph statement 'About the Author' including an image of the author.
  • Research Notes - short research announcements, up to a few pages, with images as appropriate.
  • News and Views, and 'In Brief' items - short announcements and news items (generally amounting to one page or less).
  • In Memoriam submissions - Articles extending to a few pages, including an image, about a significant figure in the COSPAR community.
  • Letters to the Editor- Up to two pages on any subject relevant to COSPAR and space research in general.
  • Meeting announcements, meeting reports and book reviews.

Articles are not refereed but the decision to publish is the responsibility of the General Editor and his editorial team.

For any questions about the submission process or Space Research Today in general, please contact the General Editor Richard Harrison at