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    Sociologie du Travail

    Sociologie du travail was created by M. Crozier, J.D. Reynaud, A. Touraine and J.R. Tréanton and patronized by G. Friedmann and J. Stoezel.This journal covers labour issues and evolutions. Its interest lies also in general sociology and contemporary social problems.

    This quarterly publication, in French, publishes results of empirical researches as well as theoretical studies and thematic special issues.

    The readers are provided with articles, notes and bibliographical reports and two developed headings:
    - The dossiers including discussions
    - The Symposia

    Sociologie du travail will be of interest to researchers and to educators, social workers, students, practicians, trade unionists, managers, executives, politicians...

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER
    • ISSN: 0038-0296